This Dad's Viral Video for His Daughter's Graduation Will Touch Your Heart

Just wait for the "I love you" compilation at the end.

As the school year draws to a close and children across the country graduate from one grade to the next, it's hard for a parent not to get a little nostalgic about the little kid they once sent off to kindergarten with a brand new backpack and matching lunch box. Time flies by so fast, and, before you know it, they're in a cap and gown, waving their childhoods goodbye.

Perhaps that's why this video that was recently posted by Reddit user @mcconahay is striking such a chord with so many people online. For the last 13 years, one father has been recording his daughter Madison's first day of school. In honor of Madison's graduation, his friend helped him put the footage together to create one very touching compilation called, "13 Years of First Day of School Interviews."

It's amazing to see the little girl grow up into a smart young woman and to watch this bond between a daughter and her dad grow, especially once you get to the "I love you"-filled ending.

"To see the love carry on throughout her life all the way back to the first day brought a tear to my eye," one Reddit user wrote.

The video also resonated with those who used to roll their eyes when their parents seemed to be attached to the camcorder by an umbilical cord. Now, they really appreciate their parents' archiving.

"Growing up I always hated it when my dad would run around birthday parties or school events filming everything and interviewing us and my mom about what was going on and how we were feeling," another Reddit user wrote. "Now, that he has passed away, it's a such a joy to pop in an old home movie and get to see a glimpse of exactly what that day was like and who he was as a dad."

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