10 Ways to Feel Better About Your Body After 40

Finding a little confidence is easier than you think.

If you're feeling less than great about your body in your 40s, you're not alone. But that doesn't mean those doubts and supposed flaws have to plague you forever. Instead, take measures to start feeling good today.

Follow these steps, and you'll not only feel better about your body, but your body will also feel better, too. And when you want to start improving your confidence, kick things off with the 40 Life Changes You Should Make After 40.

Cut Negative Friends From the Picture

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If you have "friends" who put you down or make you feel bad about yourself regularly, give them the boot. Likewise, if you have friends who are constantly talking about how much they dislike their bodies or how fat they are, either change the subject or talk to someone else.

According to research published in Psychology of Women Quarterly, when women hear their friends complaining about their bodies, they feel inclined to join in, leading to a spiral of body shame and bad feelings. It's no surprise that cutting toxic people out of your life is on the list of 70 Genius Tricks to Boost Your Confidence.

Be Your Own Best Friend

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If you find that you constantly criticize yourself, ask yourself if you would say things like that to your best friend. Make treating yourself with the same compassion and care that you would extend to the people closest to you your personal baseline, and you'll be amazed at how much better you feel about yourself. And if you can't pull yourself out of a rut, try one of the 25 Best Instant Mood Boosters.

Join Some Social Groups

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According to research by the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research,  belonging to groups that are important to you does more for your self-esteem than only having friends. Don't know where to start? Try joining a sports league or planting in a community garden. In fact, volunteering is just one of 50 Genius Tricks to Improve Your Life.

Eat Healthy

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Treat your body like you care about it by giving it exercise and eating foods that make it feel good. This isn't to say you should go on a super-restrictive diet that makes you equally full of kale and misery. It's about showing appreciation for what you have by taking care of it with nutritious foods that give you energy, taste good, and don't make you hate yourself afterward. Not sure where to start? Cut out the 40 Unhealthiest Foods if You're Over 40.

Choose Clothes You Like

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Don't dress "for your age." Dress for you. By now you've probably developed your own personal style, so find clothes that make you feel like yourself and feel like you look good. You'll get a reminder every time you look in the mirror of how great you really are.

Treat Yourself

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Give yourself some much deserved appreciation by treating yourself to mani-pedis and a skincare routine that you really enjoy. Every time you look at your hands, you'll be reminded of how much you care about yourself and start building more confidence. It's no coincidence that enjoyable grooming habits are one of the 40 Best Dating Tips for Women over 40.

Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

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Comparing yourself to others is a surefire way to make yourself feel bad. If it helps, remember that there are people out there comparing themselves to you and feeling bad about it. But it's best to stop thinking that way entirely. One of the main culprits fueling that kind of comparison is social media, which is one of The 30 Best Reasons to Do a Digital Detox.

Consider Therapy

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Sometimes the reasons we feel bad about ourselves go beyond aging or looking at too many magazines. If you find that, despite your best efforts, you simply can't shake feeling like you're not good enough, you might want to consider seeing a therapist. Worst case scenario, you get to talk to somebody for an hour, and they have to listen.

Get Outside

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Want to feel better about your body without shelling out lots of cash? Just get outside! Research published in Body Image found that spending time in nature increased subjects appreciation of their own bodies. In fact, the great outdoors are so powerful that just looking at pictures of nature had a positive effect on self-image. And if you need more reason to get outside, check out The 35 Best Reasons to Take a Vacation.

Get in some strength training

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The benefits of exercise go beyond losing weight or getting that six pack. After 40, your body could start to lose bone density, and weight-bearing exercise is a great way to prevent that. In addition, exercise improves your mood, and it's a great way to shift your focus from how your body looks, to all the stuff it can do, like hold a yoga pose or ride a bike for 20 miles. Looking for exercise tips? Check out the 40 Surefire Ways to Get Your Best Body in Your 40s.

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