The 2 Places Dr. Fauci Still Won't Go After Vaccination

Until the amount of infection circulating is reduced, Fauci is avoiding these risky spots.

The growing number of fully vaccinated people across the country are finally beginning to return to some of the activities that were off-limits for the past year. While more and more behaviors are now considered safe for fully vaccinated people, White House COVID adviser Anthony Fauci, MD, is still avoiding some places until cases decrease. Read on to find out where the infectious disease expert still won't go after vaccination, and for more outings you might want to skip for the time being, Dr. Fauci Just Said to Avoid This One Place, Even If You're Vaccinated.

Dr. Fauci won't go into crowded places where people aren't wearing masks.

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Although Fauci has gained significant immunity to COVID through the vaccine, he's still hesitant to go into places that pose a high risk of transmission, such as indoor restaurants, movie theaters, and bars. When Insider asked the COVID adviser if he'd venture into these destinations, he said, "I don't think I would—even if I'm vaccinated—go into an indoor, crowded place where people are not wearing masks." Places where large groups of people remove their masks "would still be of concern" to him. And for more vaccine guidance, You Need This in Your Diet After Your COVID Vaccine, Doctor Warns.

And he won't travel for a vacation.

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"I don't really see myself going on any fun trips for a while," Fauci told Insider. That's not just about personal safety, however, as he went on to say, "To be honest with you, I don't really have time to do anything else" besides work. In general, Fauci believes that flying poses a minimal risk.

"Right now flying is, because of the HEPA filter, because of the use of masks and the level of infection in the community, it is a risk to fly, but it's a small risk," he said on during a National Press Club Virtual Headliners event on April 6. However, Fauci noted that this risk is dependent on how much virus is circulating. "The more infection you get in the community, the greater the risk," he added. Looking toward the summer and more people getting vaccinated, Fauci said, "The risk of flying will be even less than it is now." And for behaviors to avoid immediately after the shot, Don't Do This for 2 Days After Your COVID Vaccine, Doctors Say.

The most significant behavioral shift after vaccination for Fauci was being indoors with other vaccinated people.

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Fauci told Insider that the biggest change in his lifestyle since he was vaccinated is that he now feels safe being indoors with other people who have been vaccinated. Before Fauci and his wife were inoculated, they would only visit with friends and neighbors outside and at a distance. "Whenever we would get together, we would do it outside, freezing our butts off, wearing a mask, having a dinner, or having a drink outside on my deck," the doctor recalled. Now, he said, "We feel very comfortable in the house with no masks, and we can have physical contact and things like that." And for more COVID news delivered straight to your inbox, sign up for our daily newsletter.

It's important for people to keep taking necessary precautions, even after vaccination.

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The White House COVID adviser urged people to continue avoiding crowds, wearing masks, and social distancing, regardless of vaccination status. "It's kind of a race between the vaccine and the possibility that there'll be another surge," Fauci told Insider. He also asked Americans to be patient. "If we could just hold on for a while, we'll reach a point where the protection of the general community by the vaccine would really make it very unlikely that we're going to have another surge," Fauci concluded. And for more on the future of the pandemic, This Is How Long the Moderna Vaccine Really Protects You, New Study Says.

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