Dr. Fauci Just Gave This Eerie Warning About Trump's Condition

"He looks fine, but the issue is that he is still early enough in the disease."

On Monday evening, President Donald Trump was released from Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, where he'd been treated for the coronavirus for the last two days. When he returned to the White House, the president posted a video on Twitter, saying he feels better than he did 20 years ago. But during a Monday night appearance on Cuomo Prime TimeAnthony Fauci, MD, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) who has not been treating Trump, told host Chris Cuomo it's possible that things could change. Fauci warned that while it's "unlikely," Trump's COVID situation could still go "in the wrong direction." Read on to find out more, and for additional information on one of the drugs Trump has taken, discover The Harrowing Side Effects of Trump's COVID Treatment.

"He looks fine, as you can see the way he looked when he came out of the hospital," Fauci explained to Cuomo, who himself battled coronavirus. "The issue is that he's still early enough in the disease that—it's no secret that … sometimes when you're five to eight days in, you're going to have a reversal."

Fauci continued: "A reversal meaning going in the wrong direction and get into trouble—it's unlikely that it will happen, but they need to be heads up for it. He knows it, the physicians know it. So they're going to keep an eye out on it. They're going to try and do that within the confines of the White House, as opposed to in a hospital."

Earlier in the day on Monday, Fauci told CNN that he had full faith in Trump's physician Sean Conley, DO, and the team monitoring the president's care at Walter Reed. "My colleagues that I know, including Sean Conley, are very good physicians, and they're very qualified, so I am really confident that [the president] is getting the optimal care that you can get with the team over at Walter Reed," Fauci said.

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On Saturday, Conley released a memo on the president's status and wrote, "While not yet out of the woods, the team remains cautiously optimistic."

It's a sentiment Fauci echoed to Cuomo after the president's release from Walter Reed. "Yes, you're not out of it until you've gone several days out and doing well," he explained. "But he certainly does look very well. I mean, you don't need need me to tell you that. You saw how he came out of the helicopter and into there. He looked like he was in pretty good shape." And for more from the nation's leading infectious disease expert, Dr. Fauci Just Said the 4 Words You've Been Waiting to Hear.

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