Dr. Fauci Says There Is "No End in Sight" to the Coronavirus Pandemic

In a recent address, Fauci says the coronavirus will continue to be a threat for a long time.

When the coronavirus pandemic first touched American soil and stay-at-home orders became the law of the land, many people thought it would be a temporary two-week phenomenon. Alas, four months later, COVID-19 is not only still a deadly issue, but it's getting worse with each passing day. And though there is hope for a vaccine, the reality is it could be a long time coming, and even then, the world post-pandemic won't look like the normal we knew before, according to Anthony Fauci, MD, the head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID).

"Here we are in mid-July with close to 14 million cases globally and 580-plus-thousand deaths so far with essentially no end in sight," Fauci said during a virtual keynote address for the American Association for Cancer Research on July 20. At time of publication, those numbers have increased to nearly 15 million COVID-19 cases and more than 617,000 deaths around the world, according to the Johns Hopkins University coronavirus resource center.

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More troubling: America is struggling to slow the spread the most. "The United States has been hit harder than any country in the world with the most cases," explained Fauci. As of July 22, the U.S. has 3.9 million cases and 142,000 deaths, according to John Hopkins. Additionally, a recent White House document listed over a third of states as "red zones" due to record-breaking surges in cases.

doctor overwhelmed by coronavirus outbreak in this state

When asked how we could curb or contain COVID-19, especially in states that are seeing spikes, Fauci said that wearing a face mask and physical distancing in public are the "bottom-line common denominator" in fighting the coronavirus.

Fauci concluded by saying that epidemics, pandemics, and other health crises have always been a risk. The best way to stop them: being proactive and acting swiftly. "We've always had emerging infectious diseases," he said. "We have them now and we will have them in the future… We need to be perpetually prepared." And if you want to stay safe, check out 13 Tips From Dr. Fauci on How You Can Avoid Coronavirus.

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