This Is Why Dr. Fauci Won't Quit Trump's COVID Task Force

"I’m not a politician. I do public health things,” Fauci said about his role in ending the pandemic.

When President-Elect Joe Biden announced the 13 members who will make up his COVID advisory board when he takes office in January, Anthony Fauci, MD, the country's top infectious disease expert, was notably absent from the list. Some experts say that will likely change after the transition of power, as Fauci still has an active role on President Donald Trump's COVID task force, and a few have speculated that Fauci will join Biden's COVID team even earlier than that. However, according to Fauci himself, an early move from Trump's task force to Biden's is not going to happen. Read on to discover why Fauci won't quit Trump's COVID task force and for more on COVID, like when he thinks a vaccine will be ready. And for more on the president-elect's effort to take on the coronavirus, check out Biden COVID Task Force Doctor Says We Need to Lock Down for This Long.

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He doesn't want public health to be made into a political issue.

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While he and Trump have frequently butted heads regarding how to handle the pandemic, Fauci maintains that politics should not get in the way of doing what's best for the health of the country. "I stay in my lane. I'm not a politician. I do public health things," he told Reuters on Nov. 12. And to see where things stand right now in the U.S., check out These 22 States Are Starting to Lock Down Again.

He feels like what needs to be done right now can't wait.

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In addition to staying in his lane, Fauci also explained that making a job change at such a crucial time of the pandemic would be a huge mistake. "There's absolutely no reason and no sense at all for me to stop doing something in the middle of a pandemic that is playing a major role in helping us get out of the pandemic," he told Reuters. And to learn more about the current spread of coronavirus, check out Here's Who Will Cause a COVID Surge This Month, Experts Say.

Fauci gives the same advice to Biden that he's given Trump.

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As for the advice he'd offer Biden and his COVID task force, Fauci told Reuters that they should take "exactly the same" safety measures he's been recommending all along, such as social distancing, avoiding large gatherings, and wearing a mask. "Public health principles don't change from one month to another or from one administration to another," he said. And for more regular updates on COVID and Dr. Fauci, sign up for our daily newsletter.

He's confident a vaccine is coming soon.

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Earlier this week, Fauci publicly expressed that he is confident a vaccine is right around the corner, NPR reported.

"The vaccine is on its way, folks, so hang in there, hang tough. We're going to get over this together," he said during a Nov. 10 video address to a crowd outside Brooklyn Borough Hall, where he was being recognized as a public health hero by his home borough. Some Americans may even have access to the vaccine as soon as next month, he said. On Nov. 9, Pfizer announced the promising results of its clinical trials, which found its vaccine to be more than 90 percent effective. And if you're trying to steer clear of the virus before the vaccine becomes available, here are The 4 Places You're Most Likely to Catch COVID During the Current Wave.

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