"Eye Roll Girl" Steals the Show at Political Debate, Goes Viral

She speaks for all of us.

harriet ellis eyeroll girl

Back in September, a young man who became known as #PlaidShirtGuy (whose real name is Tyler Linfesty) went viral for making a variety of animated expressions while standing behind Donald Trump at a Montana rally. Now, 21-year-old college student Harriet Ellis is also going viral for not letting her own coveted screen time go to waste.

On Monday, Ellis was standing behind Nigel Farage, the former leader of the right-wing populist party UKIP, during a Brexit debate televised on Channel 4. The decision to leave the EU has been a deeply contested issue in the UK, and the overwhelming majority (75 percent) of British voters aged 24 and under voted against Brexit. So, in many ways, Ellis exuded the mood of an entire generation when she made the eyeroll-to-end-all-eyerolls as he made his case for leaving the EU.

People related pretty hard, especially since Farage does not enjoy popularity among Britain's youth either.

Specifically, Farage was saying that the Prime Minister's current plan was a "Remainer's Brexit," meaning that it should still appeal to people who voted to remain in the EU. Ellis could not hide how ridiculous she thought that sounded.

"I completely disagreed with what he was saying," Ellis told Mashable. "It wasn't planned at all, it was honestly just an automated knee jerk reaction to what he was saying."

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