Why Does This Negroni Cost $1,000?

Here’s one drink you may not want to tip 20 percent on.

Expensive negroni from Brooklyn's Lot 45

It really wasn't that long ago when you laughed at the $15 cocktail. Now, from Portland to Portland, 15 bucks for a drink—"handcrafted" by a mustachioed guy in an apron—is par for the course. That said, we're really hoping this next price spike doesn't catch on anywhere. Lot 45, a bar in Brooklyn (where else), has started selling a Negroni that will run you a cool $1,000.

Pick up your jaw. We're not joking.

Yes, for what an apartment in the bar's neighborhood costs, you could instead drink one (1!) Negroni. And though we are quite fond of this particular libation—we included the Negroni on our list of the best nightcaps of all time—it's tough to imagine dropping a rent check on one. So why the hell is it so expensive? What singular drink could possibly be worth that much?

Well, for starters, it boils down to the use of premium ingredients. Instead of a gin base, the bartenders at Lot 45 use Grand Patrón Platinum, a top-shelf tequila. Next, they add a smattering of black truffle shavings—sourced directly from Italy—and garnish with Calvisius Siberian caviar. Finally, they sprinkle flakes of edible platinum. (That's quite a pricey cherry on top.)

But the real reason for such an egregious price is, believe it or not, a noble one. All proceeds from this extravagant beverage go to Muttville, an organization dedicated to rehabilitating and rehoming dogs in old age. Of course, there are ways help out old dogs without shilling a grand on an over-the-top cocktail. You could donate to Muttville directly, for example.

Or—and this is a route we highly recommend—you could encourage the president to adopt a dog of his own.

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Ari Notis
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