Elizabeth Warren's Dog Swipes Burrito in Hilarious Viral Video

A video of Elizabeth Warren's dog refusing to give up a burrito is going viral and Twitter's got jokes.

A lot of Democrats' hearts were broken on Thursday when Elizabeth Warren announced that she was dropping out of the 2020 U.S. presidential race. For those who felt passionately about her vision for a better America and hoped to see her as the first woman president, it was a crushing blow. Luckily, Warren's dog, Bailey, managed to add some levity to the loss.

Just a few hours after the news broke, Gabrielle Farrell, a press secretary on Warren's campaign, tweeted a video saying, "Bailey legit just swiped someone's burrito."

In the video, which quickly went viral, you see Bailey stubbornly clutching onto a burrito in his mouth as a hoard of people try and fail to wrench it from his jaw. There is no greater allegory for perseverance. He's sending the world a message: He—and his owner—will continue to fight the good fight.

Bailey has been out there on the campaign trail with Warren, shaking hands and booping snoots. And now he doesn't even get to be first dog. You go ahead and eat your feelings, buddy.

"Turns out Bailey and I have the exact same coping mechanism," author Phil Stamper tweeted.

"We're all Bailey today," Natalie Montelongo, the National Political Director for Julián Castro, tweeted.

The good news is that Bailey has Chipotle's vote for 2024, which is the only vote that matters, really.

"Our work continues, the fight goes on, and big dreams never die," Warren tweeted on Thursday. And we're sure Bailey agrees.

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