Here's the Sexy Elizabeth Hurley Photo That Has People Alarmed

It's not the first time her Instagram account has turned heads (in an icky way)

elizabeth hurley takes sexy photo with son

When you're the mother of a teenage boy and look as incredible as Elizabeth Hurley, 52, where's the line between being a cool, sexy mom and being kind of gross and inappropriate?

That's the debate currently taking place over a controversial photo that the celebrity posted on Instagram, in which she is sitting next to her 16-year-old son, Damian,  and her and Royals co-star Dame Joan Collins, wearing nothing but black suede pumps, fishnet stockings, and an extremely skimpy French maid outfit. The pigtails don't help.

Judging by the caption to the photo, it seem it was taken during a break on the raunchy E! show The Royals, in which Hurley plays a fictional British Queen who often uses seduction as a power play (it's basically Gossip Girl meets The Crown). So it's safe to say this isn't how she dresses while vacuuming the house on a Tuesday.

Still, some people thought it was inappropriate, especially given that she recently posted a photo at her son's birthday, wearing a dress with an astonishingly plunging neckline.

"It's not normal for a 50 year-old woman to dress like that with her son of 20 years-plus. If you think it is I'd have a word," one user wrote.

Others, however, defended Hurley, saying that just because she's a mom doesn't mean she can't express her sexuality or show off her body in any way she chooses (a life motto echoed by Kim Kardashian).

I mean, really, if you looked this great, wouldn't you post bikini pics too?

She doesn't even look amazing "for her age." She looks amazing period.

In the Blue Bedroom @tagomagoisland @elizabethhurleybeach #JewelBikini #ibiza

A post shared by Elizabeth Hurley (@elizabethhurley1) on

Like Winona Ryder and Sharon Stone, Hurley is proudly reminding everyone that ageism is cliched and that moms can be super hot too. And clearly Damian isn't the least bit uncomfortable, as he posted the photo on his personal Instagram with the cheeky caption, "The Unholy Trinity."

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