Elderly Man Makes Trip to Walmart to Buy Wife's Favorite Things, Goes Viral

Papa Joe's memory may be slipping, but he remembers what's most important.

grandfather goes to walmart to buy wife's favorite things

Watching someone you love slowly start to lose their memory is an impossibly difficult thing for any family member to witness. But seeing what they're able to retain can bring happy tears to your eyes. Take Alesha Nemechek, for example. Her 85-year-old grandfather, "Papa Joe," has been struggling with his memory recently. On Nov. 16, she posted a photo of Papa Joe sitting in her car, noting that "his memory is slipping and he is really slowing down." But on that day, he asked Nemechek to take him to Walmart, which she was all too happy to do because "he shouldn't be driving."

Nemechek also thought it might "benefit [her] grandma to have the house to herself for a while, not having to worry about grandpa for a few hours." When Nemechek and her grandfather got to the store, she watched him take "the tiniest steps all around Walmart" with his "cane in hand," having no idea what inspired him to make the trip. As she watched him place items into the cart, however, she noticed a theme: They were all of the things her grandmother, his wife of 60 years, loved.

"He got a bottle of her favorite soda, he carefully picked out a bag of her favorite grapes, he even bought her a small, lemon pie," she wrote. "My eyes welled with tears as I watched him hobble over to the fresh flowers and pick her the bouquet that had the most purple in it, and on our way home, he insisted we stop and grab a sandwich to take home for grandma's lunch!"

Nemecheck's post about her grandfather's sweet gesture quickly went viral, gaining more than 116,000 likes and 92,000 shares in less than a week. People were moved to tears by this small but thoughtful tribute to true love.

"This is simply the most wonderful, kindest, and loving thing he could have done for her," one Facebook user wrote. "Cherish that time with him."

"The mind may wander, but the heart knows," another Facebook user wrote.

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