Brave Drivers Jump Out of Their Cars to Pull Woman From "Burning Fireball" Jeep on Highway

The woman was on fire when they pulled her out.

A group of good Samaritans risked their lives on last Monday after pulling a woman from a burning vehicle in the middle of the highway. The woman, later identified as Susan Denise, 56, had crashed her car into the center median, causing it to flip on its side and erupt into a burning fireball. Passersby leapt into action and pulled Denise out of her car, saving her life. Here's what happened, according to eyewitness accounts and video footage from the scene of the accident.

Terrible Crash

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Denise was driving her 2022 Jeep Liberty on the Long Island Expressway just after 12 pm when the car slammed into the center median, flipping over and bursting into flames, The Daily Mail reports. A group of passersby pulled over to help, leaving their cars in the middle of the busy freeway.

The Driver Was On Fire

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The men pulled out Denise, who had been literally on fire, from inside of the vehicle. The group worked to put out the flames using jugs of water. Their fearless first-aid efforts helped keep Denise alive until emergency services got there. Video of the incident was captured by Todd Miranda, who posted it online. "This is how my day started out driving Westbound on the LIE [Long Island Expressway] before exit," he wrote. 

Brave Men

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Miranda applauded the men who helped save Denise's life, pointing out how dangerous their good deed was. "These 5 BRAVE, COURAGEOUS PASSERSBY risked their lives to pull this Woman out of a BURNING FIREBALL of a CAR, to SAVE HER LIFE," he wrote. 

Fire Extinguisher

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Miranda says he will never drive without a fire extinguisher in the car after the incident. "I felt quite helpless, wishing that I had a FIRE EXTINGUISHER in my car, so I could do something to help. Went to the Store to buy 2 right away, so this NEVER happens again," he said.

Lucky To Be Alive

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Commenters online were full of praise for the good Samaritans." God bless that group for eternity in return," said one. "So scary. Thank God and bless those courageous men for being so brave and saving this man," wrote another. "Wow. That's intense. She is so lucky to be alive and amazing those men stood up and helped her," said a third.


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