A Doritos-Loving Pig Has Stolen the Internet's Heart

Let's be honest: we are all this pig.

giant pig loose lured home with doritos

On Saturday, the San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department in California received a most unusual phone call.

Apparently, there was a giant pig "the size of a mini horse" running loose on the streets of this small city.

According to their social media posts, the authorities were able to locate the pig quickly because they knew where he lived, but getting him to turn himself in without a fight wasn't going to be easy. Luckily, one of the deputies had some Doritos in her lunch bag, and managed to lure the pig back home using this tasty snack.

The story quickly went viral, as many people related to the giant pig.

Some even referred to the incident as the story of their lives.

Others posited that this was the pig's secret plan all along.

Either way, if you ever come face to face with a giant pig, you now know what to do. And for more fun-loving stories about animals, Meet the Adorable Dog That Waits for His Owner's Train All Day Long.

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