If You Have This Dole Product, Throw It Away Immediately, FDA Says

You should "not consume it, but rather discard it immediately," the company warns.

Dole is one of the most trusted names in the produce section of the supermarket. It's the world's largest fruit and vegetables company, responsible for 300 staples you probably always have in your home, from bananas to pineapples and salads to juices. But that doesn't mean every single thing Dole makes is always good for you. The company just released a recall notice, which was posted by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA), warning that one particular product should not be consumed right now—in fact, you should "discard it immediately," they warn. Read on to find out what you may need to toss from your refrigerator, due to the latest Dole recall.

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Dole has issued a recall of some of its blueberries due to possible Cyclospora contamination.

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Dole is voluntarily recalling a limited number of cases of its Dole Fresh Blueberries from the market due to potential contamination with Cyclospora, a parasite that can cause an intestinal infection called cyclosporiasis. "A person may become infected after ingesting contaminated food or water," the recall notice posted by the FDA explains. They cite common symptoms as severe abdominal pain, diarrhea, nausea and vomiting, body aches, and fatigue.

Luckily, Dole says no illnesses have been reported at the time of the recall on June 24. If you did consume these blueberries and fear you could be infected, contact your doctor for treatment. "Infection is treated with antibiotics and most people respond quickly to treatment," the recall notice says.

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Not all Dole blueberries are affected by the recall.

Dole Blueberries have been recalled
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The Dole blueberries in question were sold in a variety of sizes, all packaged in clamshell boxes. Only certain lots of the blueberries in the following sizes and UPC codes are included in the recall: 18 oz. packages with UPC code "071430011546"; pints with UPC code " 071430011515"; 6 oz. packages with UPC code "071430011508"; and 24 oz. packages with UPC code "0714300111553."

In the recall notice, Dole says if you have any blueberries with these UPC codes, check the pack out date and lot code number on the Dole website to see if your blueberries have been recalled. The lot code is a series of five numbers located on the top of the clamshell box in black ink (as seen here).

Dole says any customer with a box of the affected blueberries should "discard it immediately."

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In their announcement of the blueberry recall, Dole says, "Consumers are advised to check any product they have in their homes and discard any product matching the production description, UPC codes, and product lot codes listed."

They confirm that no other Dole products are affected by the recall. "Only Dole Fresh Blueberries with the exact UPC and lot code combinations identified are included," the company says. "Consumers who have any of the recalled product should not consume it, but rather discard it immediately."

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The recalled blueberries were sold in four states.

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According to Dole, the recalled blueberries were distributed in Illinois, Maine, New York, and Wisconsin, as well as the Alberta and British Columbia provinces of Canada.

The company says anyone with questions regarding the recall should contact the 24-hour Dole Consumer Center at 1-800-356-3111.

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