Here's Proof That Dogs Are Really Winning While in Quarantine

These adorable videos and photos prove dogs are enjoying quarantining the most.

For most of us, life while in quarantine has been challenging. You can't see your family and friends, you can't go outside, and you don't know when all of this will end. But you know who's absolutely loving the quarantine life? Dogs.

Yep, at long last, dogs are getting their one great wish: Their humans are home all day, every day, and they can just sit and stare at them and love them as nature intended.

Even if their humans leave the room for a moment, they come back quickly, which is very exciting.

Because all dogs want is to spend the entire day snoozing, snuggling, and loving you.

When they do go outside, the whole world is their playground.

They can do yoga with you.

They can even bring the party.

Heck, they make the party!

And they've taken the place of major sporting events.

One major good thing to come out of this terrible pandemic is that dog adoptions are up across the country. In New York City—which has been hit particularly hard by the coronavirus outbreak—shelters are even reportedly running out of dogs to foster. When you see this pupperino, are you really surprised?

Plus, now that we all have more free time, our dogs can finally school us in their wise canine ways and help us be more still and present. After all, dogs excel at expressing gratitude, enjoying the little things, and living in the moment, and we could all use their guidance in those areas right now.

In fact, dogs are enjoying being in quarantine so much that I'm becoming a conspiracy theorist. I recently asked my corgi, Sherlock, if this was all a ploy to prevent humans from ever leaving the house again, and he flashed me a look that said, "Dogs could never come up with such an evil, global plan. Maybe cats."

dogs in quarantine
Diana Bruk

Also, he would like to remind everyone that belly rubs are very much still an essential business.

dogs quarantine
Diana Bruk
Diana Bruk
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