Adorable Dachshund Obeys Harry Potter-Themed Commands, Goes Viral

Accio good boy!


Some of us have trouble teaching our dogs basic commands like "sit," "shake," and "drop it." But Remus the mini dachshund is so well versed in spells that he's absolutely certain to ace his Charms O.W.L.

On Monday, his human, Anna Brisbin, shared a video of him performing some of his tricks, and it instantly went viral because it's very impressive.

He knows "Wingadrium Leviosa," which is used to levitate objects.

dog performs harry potter tricks

He also knows "engorgio," otherwise known as "the Growing Charm," as it causes the target to swell immensely.

harry potter dog does tricks

And he definitely knows the dreaded "Avada Kedavra," or "the Killing Curse."

harry potter dog does tricks

Perhaps his most impressive spells are "Expelliarmus" (used to disarm someone of their wand or, in this case, their stick), "Lumos" (which turns a light on), "Nox" (which turns the light off), and "Immobolus" ("the Freezing Charm").

The 10-month-old pup is ready to be the most brilliant young wizard in Ravenpaw, Gruffindor, or Huffleruff, and he's definitely cast the Engorgio spell over our hearts.


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expecto patronap. 💤

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