Dog Loves Pizza So Much He's Forced to Wear Hilarious "Do Not Give Me Pizza" Tag

El Jefe is a hero for foodies everywhere!

jefe the dog is very good at stealing pizza in mexico city

A few weeks ago, a dog named Princess went viral when her owner caught her posing as a stray in front of her neighborhood McDonald's in a bid to score some hamburgers from sympathetic passersby. Well, now it looks like Princess isn't the only pooch in the world who uses her adorable appearance to nab some free food.

Earlier this month, a Facebook user named Estrella CR posted a photo of a very hungry-looking pup sitting behind the glass doors of a Little Caesars pizza restaurant in Mexico City. 

dog goes viral for successfully stealing pizza
Estrella CR/Facebook

When she checked his tag to see if he was lost, she discovered that the back of it said, "Do not give me pizza, thank you."

jefe the dog is very good at stealing pizza in mexico city

The post went viral, because it's super impressive that the dog is so good at getting free pizza his humans had to actually get a warning engraved on his tag. Though it's no surprise. Could you say no to those big brown eyes?

dog goes viral for being so good at stealing pizza
Estrella CR/Facebook

Following some serious investigative work, Buzzfeed determined that the dog's name is El Jefe ("The Chief") and he's about 10 years old. His owners work at the shop next door, and every day, he sits outside of the pizza place, hoping against hope that no one will read his tag.

According to one of the shop employees, this is his second tag (he "lost" the first one), and they had to get it for him "because he couldn't control himself with the pizza."

But, really, can anyone?

In all seriousness, pet obesity is indeed a real problem for dogs, as it causes a lot of health issues and shortens their lifespans, so it's best if strangers heed the tag's instructions and help Jefe cut down on those carbs. But you have to admire his dedication!

To read about another very good boy, check out this viral tweet about a patient pup that politely obeyed one cafe's no-dogs policy.

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