Dog's Funny Holiday Photo With "Existential Crisis" Expression Goes Viral

In their annual Christmas photo, dogs Opiee and Mika represent the extremes of the happiness spectrum.

For some, the holidays are a time of magic and cheer. For others, it's a marathon of stress from now until New Year's Day. And two dogs who represent both sides of the spectrum are going viral in a hilarious holiday photo. On Dec. 6, Twitter user @laurenncarterr shared a photo of her two dogs, Opiee and Mika, getting their annual Christmas photo taken. "It's really hard when you have one super photogenic dog and one dog having an existential crisis," she wrote.

This is you at the holiday party.

And this is you the morning after.

For reference, the happy one is Opiee, and the one who looks like she's in the throes of despair is Mika. Apparently, this is just how they always are.

Sometimes, Opiee manages to perk up Mika's spirits. Other times, she reminds him that suffering exists and has a cause, according to the principles of Buddhism.

Together, they balance one another out, and apparently, they're not alone.

It seems like having two dogs that represent both extremes of the happiness spectrum is kind of a thing.

Either way, Opiee and Mika are both very good puppers. Although Mika would probably counter that with, "What does it mean to be good?"

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