20 Adorably Awkward Photos of Dogs Wearing Cones

These pups have been through it, but they still make us smile.

20 Adorably Awkward Photos of Dogs Wearing Cones

If there's one thing that's universally loathed by dogs, it's the cone of shame. Whether they're wearing one because they just got neutered or spayed, or because they need to heal from another type of injury, dogs absolutely hate those cones that they can't get off no matter how hard they try. The silver lining? Though our poor pooches are suffering in their clear collars, they still manage to make us smile (and, of course, they're wearing them for their own good). To reframe these "cones of shame" as "cones of glory," we've rounded up some of the most adorably awkward dog cone photos that the internet has to offer. Enjoy (even though these pups aren't)!

This confused creature

Dog wearing a cone of shame iStock

This pup just wants to know where she went wrong.

This angry boy who has a bone to pick

Bulldog wearing a cone of shame iStock

Oh, this guy will absolutely be pooping in the house later.

This wrinkly pup who just wants to play

Cute sad dog wearing a medical collar Shutterstock

He just wants to go outside and hang out with the other dogs! Poor guy.

This poor pooch who can't see their body

Adorable dog with a huge medical collar Sara Ryan / Alamy Stock Photo


This Rottweiler struggling to get comfy

A rottweiler taking a nap in a cone Shutterstock

Thankfully, dogs can sleep under pretty much any and all conditions.

This Cavalier who's feeling feisty

Dog outside wearing a collar Shutterstock

The least this cone could do is block the sun from his eyes!

This forlorn fellow with a broken leg

A sad dog with a cone and a broken leg iStock

First a shaved leg and now this?!

This dog whose cone is bigger than his head

Funny photo of a dog in a cone Shutterstock

Do these things not come in a size small?

This sad guy who can't even reach the ground

Dog is trying to sniff the ground but his cone is getting in the way iStock

All this poor pup wants is to find a good patch of grass!

This pooch who just wants to sleep in peace

Dog sleeping with a cone of shame on iStock

"No, Carol, the pillow doesn't help because I CAN'T FEEL IT UNDER MY CONE."

This sad pup who can't see his legs

Sad dog wearing a cone of shame iStock

Sorry, fella, but not even your best puppy eyes are going to get that dog cone off any faster.

This Havanese who wishes things were different

Havanese dog with a cone on his head Shutterstock

We can only imagine that this poor cutie is thinking about how hard it's going to be to eat her kibble later.

This pug who is begging for mercy

A pug looking uncomfortable in a cone Shutterstock


This tired gal who won't let anything get in the way of nap time

Cute dog sleeping in a cone with their tongue out Shutterstock

This tuckered out canine is making the best of a bad situation by using her cone as a pillow. Smart!

This uncomfortable pooch who wants answers

Cute and confused dog wearing a cone of shame Shutterstock

She might be confused and uncomfortable, but she's still cute.

This awkward guy who's sleeping upside down

Dog sleeping upside down in a cone Shutterstock

Hey, whatever works!

This dog who can't even enjoy the grass

Dog trying to sniff the ground with a cone on Graham Turner / Alamy Stock Photo

Can't a dog go to the bathroom in peace?! Geez.

This husky who feels betrayed

Hilarious husky wearing a medical cone Shutterstock

Sorry, bud, but it had to be done. The cone will be off soon enough!

And this good boy who just wants to smell the bushes

Dog wearing a protective cone iStock

Poor guy—his cone is getting in the way of his daily bush-sniffing!

And will make it happen, cone or no cone.

Dog with a plastic collar staring into a bush iStock

At the end of the day, even a cone can't stop this determined dog from getting a good sniff in! And for more hilarious snapshots, check out these 33 Photos That Prove That Dogs Are Such Delightful Weirdos.

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