This "Dating" Website Will Help You Find the Perfect Dog

Find the canine that's most com-paw-tible with you!

study finds some people are more biologically predisposed towards dogs, make yourself more attractive

If you've ever perused a site like, you know the feeling of seeing a dog whose adorable nose or precocious look just tugs at your heart strings. But how do you know that if you give Fido a forever home, he'll fit in well with your lifestyle and that you'll be the best human for him, too? Well, now there's finally a dog "dating" platform on the market to help you.

How I Met My Dog is a website that, like eHarmony and, asks you to fill out an extensive personality questionnaire in an effort to find you an adoptable pet that meets your specific needs. Once you sign up, you answer 56 questions about your preferences, your expectations, and your lifestyle habits, before being matched with compatible dogs in shelters across 17 states.

How I Met My Dog
How I Met My Dog

It's a useful site to use if you're thinking of adopting, given that the survey might ask questions that you wouldn't consider on your own. If, for example, you prefer a tidy home, you might want to go with a hypoallergenic breed that won't turn your pristine floor into a carpet of fur. And if you have a newborn in the house, a breed that isn't prone to barking ensures you won't wake up the baby.

How I Met My Dog also takes into account the personality of the dog, as well as if they're disabled or if they suffered abuse in the past (meaning they need a little extra TLC).

Finally, the site assesses your style of training, which is important because many new "pawrents" might not realize how much effort it takes to discipline a puppy.

How I Met My Dog

Since launching in 2017, How I Met My Dog has facilitated around 1,000 adoptions, according to USA Today. And given that the ASPCA estimates around 3.3 million dogs are entered into shelters each year, it's the perfect way to save a life and make a new (furry) best friend. And if you're looking for some inspiration, check out 19 Pet Adoption Stories That Will Make You Cry.

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