This Sports Broadcaster's Dog Commentary in Quarantine Will Crack You Up

With live sports canceled, Andrew Cotter is giving us a play-by-play of his dogs fighting over a toy instead.

The challenge of staying at home and self-quarantining to limit the spread of COVID-19 is challenging for everyone. But for those who love watching live sports, there's a particular gaping hole. To bring back some of the action, a BBC sports commentator named Andrew Cotter has taken to narrating the activities of his dogs in quarantine instead. And it's both soothing, joyful, and hilarious to watch.

Cotter is a Scottish-born sports broadcaster who primarily calls sports for the BBC. He's also the proud owner of a black lab named Mabel and a yellow lab named Olive. On Thursday, Cotter captured the two dogs vying for the same orange chew toy, and then added very clever and hilarious commentary over the clip.

Within hours, the video had gone viral and has been shared on Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.

Cotter's been narrating his dogs doing mundane activities as if they were sports for a couple weeks now.

His first video featured Olive and Mable voraciously emptying their dog bowls as though it were some sort of race:

The commentary on everyday activities during the glut of downtime brought about by the coronavirus pandemic appears to be a trend, at least in British broadcasting circles.

A few weeks ago, rugby broadcaster Nick Heath narrated the "dogging finals" in a local park, which also went viral.

We've all gotta work with what we've got, right?

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