Why Throwing Cheese Slices on Dogs Is the Internet's Latest Viral Craze

What will we think of next?

dog cheese challenge

Most Internet challenges are kind of silly and, in some cases, even dangerous. But any challenge involving a dog is adorable and worthwhile, because, well, dogs.

Back in June, everyone was doing the "What the Fluff" challenge, in which you hold up a blanket and then hide behind a wall as it drops, then watch your pup freak out as they wonder how you pulled off this amazing disappearing act. Then there was the "Snoot" challenge, in which people would hold their hands up in a circle, then encourage the dog to jump up in a way that would enable them to perfectly grab their little snouts.

Now, everyone is doing the "Dog Cheese" challenge, which consists of tossing a single slice of cheese on your dog's back and then recording his or her struggle to eat it.

As far as we know, it was invented by a social media user named Matt, who marketed it as a superior form of beer pong.

It's definitely caught on.

Though some dogs are definitely better at it than others.

And some of them are too good.

After all, it's as much of a challenge for the human as it is for the dog.

Warning: this does not work with cats because cats don't care.

"Cat Tortilla" doesn't look like it's going to become a thing anytime soon either.

"Lizard Cheese" is also definitely not happening.

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