8 Major Ways Disney World Will Look Different After Coronavirus

Mickey and Minnie in masks, longer lines, and more await at the House of Mouse post-pandemic.

The world has looked a lot less magical as of late, with everyone quarantining at home and all social activities grinding to a halt. Orlando's Walt Disney World Resort, which has been temporarily closed since mid-March, was one of the many affected attractions. But now, there are new guidelines for when the theme park reopens in the future, following the resumption of nonessential travel. So, read on to find out how Disney World will look different after coronavirus and what you can expect the next time you step on Main Street U.S.A. And for more whimsical wonders, check out the 19 Magical Places That Inspired Disney.

The crowds will be much smaller.

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If you've ever wished to have Disney all to yourself, then your dream could come true. Massive tour groups, screaming children, and hordes of tourists will be a thing of the past at Disney post-coronavirus. And to be honest—we're not too upset about it. The new guidelines set by the Orange County Economic Recovery Task Force will force Disney World to run at half capacity in phase one of its reopening and 75 percent capacity in phase two.

Mickey will be wearing a mask—along with the other characters.

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Seeing Cinderella in a surgical mask is not exactly what we had in mind when picturing the Happiest Place on Earth. But, in a post-coronavirus world, safety comes first. This is why all employees will be required to wear face coverings, including cast members and costumed characters. And for more on mask safety, check out 7 Face Mask Care Mistakes You're Making.

The lines will be longer.

Orlando, Florida / United States - March 13, 2018: Standing Lanes Wrap Around Waiting Lines in the Busses Area at Disney World Amusement Park - Image

Remember those sluggish three-hour queues? Well, they're about to get worse. Following the social distancing measures set by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), there will be spacing markers every six feet for guests waiting in line for rides or attractions. On the bright side: You won't be elbowed by impatient parkgoers anymore!

Also, some eagle-eyed fans noticed that a virtual "boarding group" queue system was being tested on the My Disney Experience app last month. This could be a great way to manage the foot traffic.

There will be hand sanitizer everywhere.

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It's about time for this change. Touchless hand sanitizer dispensers will be located at turnstiles, ticketing stations, and entry/exit points. Plus, all railings and surfaces will be wiped down regularly.

There will be sneeze guards at front desks.

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Hotels on Disney property will also need to install sneeze guards at the front desks to ensure there's some distance kept between employees and guests.

Your dining menus will be disposable.

Guests at a preview of Gran Destino Tower at Disney's Coronado Springs Resort enjoy craft beers, select wines and artisanal cocktails in Barcelona Lounge. Gran Destino Tower opens July 9 at Walt Disney World Resort in Lake Buena Vista, Florida.

Not only will there be hand sanitizer upon entry at any Disney restaurant, but you'll also see dining establishments switch to disposable paper menus to limit touch points.

And restaurants and theaters will be socially distanced.

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Dining areas will seat tables six feet apart, and theaters will put two chairs between each party (a maximum of four people are allowed in each group). And for more on movie theaters after COVID-19, check out 5 Things You'll Never See at Movie Theaters Again After Coronavirus.

There will be daily health checks for the staff.

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Before Disney employees report to work, they will have to undergo a routine health check. This includes a temperature test, which must read less than 100.4 degrees to be cleared. And if anyone exhibits flu-like symptoms, they will be told to stay home. And for more heart-warming stories, check out This Family Who Recreated a Disney Trip at Home During Quarantine.

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