Disabled Vet's Handwritten Note Asking for Company on Veteran's Day Goes Viral

Lyndon Dale Flowers didn't want to spend Veteran's Day alone and now he has tons of new friends.

disabled veteran viral note

Lyndon Dale Flowers, 62, is a disabled veteran living in Lewiston, Maine. He served his country in the Navy for 20 years. And unfortunately, on Veteran's Day earlier this week, he didn't have anyone to commemorate the occasion with. So he wrote a note asking for some company and left it Judy and Heather's Barbershop in town. The note simply read: "Would someone like to take a local disabled veteran to dinner on Veteran's Day? No car. My treat." Then, he included his first name and phone number.

A good Samaritan named Heather Jeselskis Swift spotted the note and decided to take a photo and post it on Facebook, where it promptly went viral.

Before long, responses to Flowers' request were pouring in. "I'm in," one Facebook user wrote. "I would buy him breakfast, lunch, and dinner."

Even people who didn't live close enough to be able to take Flowers out showed their support. "My father is also a disabled veteran and he is lonely even though he has us kids," another Facebook user wrote. "These guys deserve so much!"

"Apparently, I went viral," Flowers told Best Life. "I got hundreds of emails and phone calls from Florida, South Carolina, California, etc. People told me about their fathers or brothers or husbands who were veterans. It was really heartwarming."

Flowers also said that his "son and daughter work a lot" and his "daughter just moved and has a new baby, so they don't come over very much."

Even though his own children weren't around on Veteran's Day, a nice family did take him out to lunch. "Well, veterans have a soft spot in my heart," Sandy Washer, who answered Flowers' request, told the local ABC News affiliate. "My dad was in the Army for 20 years."

Flowers is hoping Washer and her family stay in touch, and that his story reminds people to visit their older relatives, especially with the holidays coming up.

You can see more of his story here:

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