New Mary Poppins Returns Trailer Stuns Fans with Ageless Dick Van Dyke

The guy hasn't aged a day in over 50 years.

On Monday, Disney finally dropped the trailer to Mary Poppins Returns, the long-awaited film in which Emily Blunt stars as the iconic supernatural nanny and comes back to the Banks house to give the now-adult children she once cared for a much-needed spoonful of sugar following a tragic loss.

Blunt seems perfectly cast as the prim and proper Mary Poppins, and the trailer looks absolutely magical and in total keeping with the spirit of the beloved 1964 film starring Julie Andrews and Dick Van Dyke.

But there's one detail that no one on the Internet can get over. In the new film, Dick Van Dyke reprises his former role as a crotchety old banker, and the resemblance is uncanny.

At first, you watch the trailer and think: wait a minute, is this a plot twist? Are we all so focused on the fact that Mary Poppins is immortal that we fail to realize that other characters in the film live forever as well? But if you look on IMDb, it states that Dyke is playing Mr. Dawes Jr., whereas in the 1964 film, he portrayed Mr. Dawes Sr., so we'll chalk it up to a family resemblance.

Still, you have to hand it to Dyke for looking as fantastic as he does at the age of 92. Judging by the trailer, it looks like he might even do the same little dance in the sequel that he did in the original, which is really impressive. And fans can't help but find it poetic that Dyke, who was 38 when the original came out and had to wear prosthetics for the role, has literally aged into his character.

Even Lin-Manuel Miranda, who plays a lamplighter named Jack in the new film, had to comment on the "glo up."

But there's another element to all of this which has fans reeling. People who grew up with the film remember Dyke primarily for his portrayal of Bert, a cheerful chimney sweep and friend to Mary, and many are only now realizing that he also played the heavily-makeup old banker.

Conclusion: Dick Van Dyke is awesome, and we cannot wait to see this movie. And if you want to learn exactly how Dyke does it, steal these 100 Anti-Aging Secrets for Looking and Feeling Younger Than Ever.

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