College Professor's Candid "Decade in Review" Tweet Reveals Hard Truths

Christina Fattore revealed the struggle behind all of those self-reflective social media posts on Twitter.

mom viral "year in review" tweet

It's the start of a new year and a new decade, so you've probably seen plenty of posts on social media of friends and family members listing all of their accomplishments from the last 10 years as a sort of personal "decade in review." While they're meant to be self-reflective and an exercise in gratitude, they can also make other people feel bad about their own achievements or feel like others have it easier than they do. Well, one college professor wrote an inspiring Twitter thread that proves that "decade in review" posts are not always what they seem.

On New Year's Day, Christina Fattore, PhD, an associate professor of political science at West Virginia University and mom of two, tweeted out her own "decade in review" and, boy, was it impressive. She got engaged, got married, bought a house, had two babies, and got tenure. Amazing, right?

But then she followed up with a series of tweets to prove that all of this was not as easy as the itemized list made it appear. Behind the scenes, Fattore said she dealt with fertility issues, multiple surgeries, "crippling postpartum depression," and plenty of tears over whether or not she'd get tenure.

The tweets showed how much Fattore had to overcome and how she fought tooth and nail to get what she wanted. She tweeted that she shared all of this because you "never know what others are going through."

"I get sad when I hear people comparing themselves to others," she wrote. "Some years/decades are better than others. Be kind to yourself and empathetic to others."

The Twitter thread went viral, with more than 2,000 retweets and 20,000 likes in just one week.

And people commended and thanked Fattore for her honesty.

Many wrote that it felt better celebrating someone's accomplishments once you knew how much work went into them.

And we can all relate to the fact that the road to success is paved with ups and downs.

So, if you're reading this and you feel like your life doesn't stack up when compared to others, just remember that there's often a lot of struggle beyond what people are willing to share.

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