Steal of the Day: Up to 40 Percent Off Stunning Blue Men's Suit

Upgrade your wardrobe with a timeless classic.

ted baker suit

Nothing lasts without a solid foundation. Your wardrobe is no exception—which is why you should invest the foundation of every guy's wardrobe: an all-occasion blue suit. Luckily, thanks to Father's Day deals galore, it's more affordable than ever to pick up a timeless, stunning one. Today (literally—these sales expire), you can suit up to off-duty Bond levels for nearly half off what it would normally. See for yourself. And for more great wardrobe upgrades, check out the 15 Killer Style Accessories You Never Knew You Needed.

The jacket

ted baker jacket

$599$419; buy now at

Mother-of-pearl buttons. Subtle blue-tonal plaid patterning. And that trademark unique-to-each-piece Ted Baker lining (in this case: an Art Deco-inspired floral). Today, you can pick up the blue suit of your dreams at a serious discount.

The trousers

ted baker trouser

$249$174; buy now at

Come on: a suit is not a suit without the pants.

The shirt

banana republic grant pink shirt

$79.50$51.67; buy now at

Banana Republic currently has a 35 percent discount, with code. It's the perfect opportunity to pick up one of their form-flattering non-iron dress shirts. Get it in pink, to match your new blue suit.


The shoes

allen edmonds oxford

$450$250; buy now at

For their annual Father's Day sale, Allen Edmonds has serious discount on their burnished brown shoe collection. You can never go wrong with the Fifth Avenue Oxford, a standard-issue cap toe of the utmost handcrafted quality.

The tie

tommy hilfiger tie

$49.50$27.59; buy now at

Currently, Tommy Hilfiger has a sale on men's accessories—including ties. This muted, subtle textured one is blue enough to match your suit perfectly, but grey enough to work with the rest of your wardrobe.


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