Deal Alert! More Than 30 Percent off Sleek New Smart TVs

Yes, it's high time for a living room upgrade.

TVs have come a long way from Happy Days and the nightly news. Today's tubes can play music, play host video games, and even connect to the internet. If you've been rocking the same "HD" flatscreen since the early 2000s, it's a good bet that this brave new world of television tech is overwhelming. To that end, we've gone through a serious screening process and compiled some of the best ones on the market—with significant markdowns, to boot. And if you need tips on what to actually watch on your newly minted screen, check out our roundup of the 30 Funniest Movies Ever. 

LG 65" UJ6300

lg smart tv

$1,099.96$699.96; buy now at

This smart TV offers crisp 4K Ultra HD visuals with active HDR-enhanced brightness. You also get access to the company's proprietary LG Channel Plus, which offers 100 exclusive channels and WebOS for enhanced browsing. Small wonder that this is a Netflix-recommended TV set.

65" Sony Smart TV

sony smart tv

$1,499.96$1,099.96; but now at

This backlit TV comes with crystal clear resolution and a 4K HDR Processor X1, which sounds so hi-tech, we're convinced it's from The Matrix.

Vizio 50" smart TV

vizio smart tv

$499.99$379.99; buy now at

This fully hi-def TV comes with a built-in Chromecast—Google's device for circumventing traditional cable programming—so you don't have to spend money on any additional gear.

55" Samsung smart TV

samsung smart tv

$1,999.99$1,799.99; buy now at

You gotta love the curve. Movie-theater displays—right in the center of your living room!

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