Deal of the Day: Up to 40 Percent Off Your Dream Grill

Whether you're Team Gas or Team Charcoal, this is the week to buy.

Sometimes, a guy just wants to grill, you know? But with so many expensive tools, spices, gizmos, and other accessories—not to mention the grill itself—on the market, it can get expensive just to cook up a simple burger.

Thankfully, with Father's Day right on the horizon, guys everywhere will be pleased to hear that the grill industry is offering some serious markdowns this week. After all, sometimes a guy just wants to grill. And when better to do so then on a day when dad's around? Herein, you'll find the best steals from around the web. And for recipes to actually whip up, check out the The 15 Best Steak Marinade Recipes on the Planet.


Team Gas

propane gril

$139 $99; buy now at

Yes, gas grills can seriously run up the credit card. But this week, thanks to Home Depot, you can unleash your inner Hank Hill and get a propane gas grill for less than $100.

Team Charcoal

charcoal grill

$249.95$164.99; buy now at

Charcoal lends your food a unique smokiness that simply be found anywhere else. If you've ever hesitated about pulling the trigger on one, now's the time to do so: You can get a solid grill at a nearly $100 discount.

The tools


$29.99$19,97; buy now at

Folks, a grill master is nothing without his utensils.

The thermometer


$73.73$66.99; buy now at

According to the experts at Certified Angus Beef, a medium rare steak clocks in at 135º Fahrenheit. If you're not the eyeballing type, a meat thermometer will help immensely.

The cover

grill cover

$22.67$15.09; buy now at

No, it's not the most glamorous purchase—but you still need one. Thankfully, you pick one up this week at a serious bargain.


Butcher Box

butcher box

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Skip the lengthy Father's Day lines at the store and get meat delivered right to your door. With Butcher Box, too, a meat-to-your-mailbox service that delivers monthly, there's free bacon in every box. How do you get better than that?

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