Why This Hilarious Viral Video of a Dancing Cockatoo Will Make Your Day

It has everyone asking: "Are you the Right Bird or the Left Bird?"

I know what you're thinking: "I see so many animal videos circulating online every day. Do I really need to watch any more?"

I'm here to tell you: Yes, you do. In fact, prepare yourself for perhaps the great minute-and-42 seconds ever captured on film.

The video itself has been around for so long it's hard to pinpoint where it even came from, though it seems to have originally been posted by a YouTube user named Mark Muldoon.

But let's break down its genius and why it's currently all over the Internet again.

The clip features a man singing Elvis Presley's classic hit "Don't Be Cruel" with the help of an acoustic guitar. At first, both of the cockatoos off to the left seem kind of confused. Then the Right Bird starts bopping his head left to right and looks at Left Bird as if to say, "Hey, this is kind of catchy!"

viral elvis cockatoo video

Soon, he crests his feathers up and starts to dance (which, for the record, indicates excitement and enthusiasm in cockatoos), revealing a hair and dance style not dissimilar to the King of Rock n' Roll himself.

Left Bird, meanwhile, inches away, and raises his foot as if to say, "Dude, give me some space."

viral cockatoo elvis video

And then, just when Left Bird seems to think he's safe, Right Bird starts full-on rocking out, and Left Bird looks at the camera, regretting every decision he has made that has led him to this moment.

viral cockatoo elvis video

The video was recently posted by the Twitter account of the Species Podcast, and now it's everywhere.

But the fact that the video is hilarious is not the only reason it's gotten so popular. People are relating hard to either the Left Bird or the Right Bird.

Even author Jill Filipovic has joined in.

So far, Left Bird is definitely winning this personality test, but that's probably only because all the Right Birds are out partying.

So which one are you? And if this reignites your love of great animal videos, don't miss the reason Why Everyone Is Falling in Love With This Search and Rescue Dog!

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