7 Daily Habits People Have Ditched During Quarantine

Shaving and wearing deodorant are among the hygiene habits declining during lockdown.

While hand washing may be on the rise, other small, daily habits have been, for the most part, cut off during quarantine. What's the point in shaving your beard if no one's around to see your freshly groomed face? Does deodorant matter if you're not leaving the house? Most people have decided that social distancing also means they can distance themselves from certain hygiene habits they used to follow before going to work and school. Among shaving and wearing deodorant, these are the daily habits people have tossed out while in quarantine. And for things you should be wary of, check out the 15 Seemingly Innocuous Habits That Increase Coronavirus Risk.

Washing hair

woman washing her hair in shower with shampoo

There's a reason Unilever, the company behind brands like Dove and Axe, reported to The Financial Times that its sales were down. People aren't washing their hair right now! In fact, so many people have ditched this hygiene habit in quarantine that there's even a challenge on Instagram called #NoShampoo, where people show off what their hair looks like unwashed. And for more ways coronavirus is changing our lives, check out the 10 Weird Ways Life Will Be Different After the Coronavirus Lockdown.

Brushing teeth

Shot of a handsome young man brushing his teeth in the bathroom at home

Some people still see oral hygiene as an important part of the day, much to the delight of dentists everywhere. However, others have reportedly decreased their regular teeth brushing amount or just stopped brushing their teeth altogether. In a poll by Sided, nearly 17 percent of respondents reported only brushing their teeth once per day, compared to the recommended twice a day, while more than 8 percent said they just don't brush their teeth anymore. If that's hard to believe, check out Love Island UK star Joanna Chimonides, who admitted in a YouTube video that she thinks she doesn't have to "bother" with brushing her teeth during quarantine.

Putting on deodorant

Young lady wrapped in white towel raise arm apply antiperspirant in armpit, woman use underarm deodorant stick for daily hygiene everyday freshness, hyperhidrosis treatment concept close up rear view

Unilever also reported a slowdown in sales for deodorant. Does that mean people have decided to skip this hygiene step during quarantine? It seems so. One Twitter user posted, "OK real talk: we are forgetting to wear deodorant most days right now, right?" And another called herself "fancy" for finally putting on deodorant one day. Wearing deodorant when you're stuck inside doesn't seem to be high on everyone's priority lists right now. And for all the habits you should be continuing in quarantine, check out the 8 Essential Hygiene Tips to Follow Right Now, According to Experts.


An older man shaves, preparing for work

Men and women alike are putting down their razors right now, as not much shaving is taking place during quarantine. In fact, for men, No Shave November has been transformed into No Shave Lockdown. However, if you are looking to adopt a "quarantine beard," consider these beard styles that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says can fit under a face mask. And for more things you should know about face masks, check out the 7 Signs You Need to Replace Your Face Mask ASAP.

Changing clothes

Senior handsome man dressing up in bathroom.

Odds are, if you're not changing out of the same pair of sweatpants you wore yesterday, other people aren't either. Many people have stopped "getting dressed" in the morning, whether it be because they are working from home or are newly unemployed. Not to mention, according to The New York Times, many people don't have laundry services in their home and are worried about going to a local laundromat or communal laundry area to wash clothes. So, fewer laundry trips means there are fewer clean clothes to wear.

Wearing makeup

A beautiful woman puts on her makeup in a bathroom

That full face of foundation no longer seems that important anymore since everyone is stuck indoors. Many makeup wearers report that they are embracing their fresh faces during quarantine and holding off on using up expensive beauty products while they're not going out in public. Even celebrities are embracing the no-makeup look during lockdown, as Kylie Jenner nearly broke the internet after a picture of her without makeup went viral recently. And for things you can do during lockdown, check out the 15 Useful Skills You Can Learn While You Quarantine at Home.

Sleeping regularly

Peaceful Woman Asleep In Bed As Day Break Through Curtains

With all this time indoors, you would think people are taking advantage of their ability to catch some sleep every day. But, not really. In fact, without the need to wake up earlier to commute to work or school, many people have let their sleep cycles go during lockdown. However, people suffering from change in their regular sleep schedules may not be entirely to blame. Sleep medicine doctor Brandon Peters-Mathews, MD, told Health that the stress hormone cortisol may be on a rise right now, which can "increase sleep fragmentation and lead to insomnia." And for more sleep tips, check out the 25 Things You're Doing That Would Horrify Sleep Doctors.

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