This Viral Photo of a Retired Marine Crying at His Daughter's Wedding Is Connecting With Dads Everywhere

"He is a softy with his daughters."

Veronica Lutz, 35, of Greer, South Carolina, is one of four girls. And when her youngest sister, Corinna, was getting married last August, she was expecting to see some tears from their 59-year-old father, Ricky Schaeffer.

"Our father is a former senior chief in the Navy and normally a tough guy, but he is a softy with his daughters," Lutz told Best Life.

"My sister really wanted the photographer to capture the groom's first look as she walked down the aisle, and the photographer said, 'Well, what about your dad?'" Lutz explained. "We agreed that it was a good idea because we knew dad was probably going to tear up."

Luckily, the photographer, Alyssa Lee, captured that special moment when the father of the bride saw the youngest of his daughters in her wedding dress. And once everyone saw Schaeffer wiping his tears away, Lutz said, there wasn't a "dry eye in the house."

dad crying at wedding
Courtesy of Alyssa Lee

Lutz posted the photo on Reddit on September 8th, and it immediately went viral and prompted others to share their own touching stories about those special moments between fathers and daughters.

"I cried like a baby at her kindergarten graduation," one Reddit user wrote. "Gone were the carefree days of me sneaking out of work early to meet her kindergarten bus at noon and playing hooky at her favorite park. … It's such a bittersweet thing, watching them grow up."

"My dad was a marine and, at my wedding, he was in tears from start to finish," another Reddit user wrote. "Hope you all treasure these moments."

"I was shocked at the response it got," Lutz said of the photo. But she's happy that other people seem to appreciate her father just as much as she and her sisters do.

And, she noted, he also got pretty emotional at her own wedding 16 years ago. Look at those red, watery eyes!

veronica lutz wedding photo
Courtesy of Veronica Lutz

"He really is the best guy that would do anything for his children," Lutz said.

But the cutest part of all? Whenever Schaeffer sees the photo that's made him an internet star, he cries all over again, according to Lutz. It's just too much!

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