Gov. Cuomo's Heartfelt Message to New Yorkers Might Make You Cry

During Friday's briefing, the governor said he was "amazed" by the number of New Yorkers volunteering.

The daily press briefings from New York Governor Andrew Cuomo on the coronavirus crisis have earned him bipartisan praise, and his calm and empathetic leadership style has even made him an internet hero. But Friday's press briefing at New York City's Jacob Javitz Center—a convention center that has chillingly been converted into an emergency hospital—was particularly special. While sitting in front of members of the National Guard, Cuomo delivered a heartfelt message of hope and solidarity that's making many New Yorkers choke up.

Noting that he was born and bred in Queens, Cuomo said that "the amount of support that we have gotten from New Yorkers in the midst of this crisis is just extraordinary." The number of medical professionals who have volunteered to help is now at 62,447—an increase of 10,000 in just one day—and the number of mental health professionals who have volunteered to help has increased by 1,400 for a total of 10,099 volunteers.

He emphasized that these are people who are retired and who "could just sit at home," but they are stepping up to help save lives instead.

"New Yorkers never cease to amaze me, how big their hearts are," he said. "They talk about how New Yorkers are tough. You have to be tough to live in a place like this, but as tough as we are is as loving as we are. And when someone needs something, there's no place I'd rather be."

You can watch his speech in full below, or skip to the 32-minute mark to see his touching tribute to New York.

Many people on social media noted that seeing as Cuomo was giving the speech to members of the National Guard, it really feel like New York is at war.

And he's even been drawing comparisons to Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Winston Churchill.

It's a scary time in New York City, but it's good to know there's a leader at the helm, and that good people willing to help.

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