Up to 96 Percent of COVID Patients Have This Lasting Complication, Study Says

This serious health issue can affect even those who are otherwise medically stable.

Certain symptoms, from trouble breathing to the loss of taste and smell, have become well-known hallmarks of COVID since the onset of the pandemic. However, as experts learn more about how the virus behaves, they've come to realize that COVID's symptoms extend well beyond the most frequently reported physical manifestations of the disease. In many cases, COVID patients experience pronounced, and long-lasting, cognitive impairments related to the virus, too. Read on to discover what researchers found to be the most common cognitive or mental health issue associated with COVID. And if you're worried about your risk of catching the virus, know that This Blood Type Makes You More Likely to Catch COVID, New Study Says.

According to a March 2021 review of research published in the journal Frontiers in Psychology, researchers at U.K.-based Oxford Brookes University found that there's one symptom that affects the vast majority of COVID patients: post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Citing a study published in the March 2020 volume of Psychological Medicine, the article's authors noted that up to 96 percent of medically stable study subjects with a COVID diagnosis experienced PTSD.

"Understanding the neuropsychiatric and cognitive consequences of COVID-19 is important as millions of people have been affected by the virus, and many cases go undetected. These conditions affect people's capacity to work effectively, drive, manage finances, make informed decisions and participate in daily family activities," explained Sanjay Kumar, PhD, Senior Lecturer in Psychology at Oxford Brookes University, and the new study's lead author, in a statement.

That wasn't the only significant cognitive symptom experienced by COVID patients, however; read on to discover what 10 separate studies found to be the most common cognitive and neurological effects experienced by COVID survivors. And if you're getting your shot soon, beware that Doctors Want You to "Be Prepared" for This Delayed Vaccine Side Effect.


Tired woman

COVID patients who reported this symptom: Up to 27 percent

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Anxious girl sitting on couch

COVID patients who reported this symptom: 28 percent

Peripheral nervous system disorders

Woman with tingling in hand

COVID patients who reported this symptom: Up to 36 percent

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Affective disorders, including depression

Depressed sad man with head in his hands

COVID patients who reported this symptom: Up to 42 percent

Impaired attention

young woman rubbing her eye and holding eyeglasses. She is suffering with aching eyes while working long hours on computer at home.

COVID patients who reported this symptom: Up to 45 percent

Memory problems

Woman helping man with memory problem at home

COVID patients who reported this symptom: Up to 50 percent

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Central nervous system issues

Senior Man Suffering From a headache While Sitting on the sofa in the Living Room

COVID patients who reported this symptom: Up to 62 percent

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