The One Thing COVID Patients Say They Can't Eat Anymore

People who've recovered from the virus are calling this one food "horrific" and "putrid."

The symptoms of COVID can vary wildly, from headaches to digestive disturbances to extreme fatigue. However, there's one set of symptoms that's become a hallmark of the virus around the world: a loss of taste and smell. According to a meta-analysis of 8,438 COVID patients published by the Mayo Clinic, 41 percent of individuals with confirmed cases of the virus experienced the loss of their sense of smell or taste. Though many people regain their ability to taste and smell as they recover from the virus, those senses aren't always the same when they return. According to a new report from Eater, there's one particular food many individuals who've recovered from COVID simply can't stomach anymore. Read on to find out what it is, and for more signs you could be sick, check out If You Can't Smell These 2 Things, You May Have COVID.

Among a group of five individuals who've recovered from COVID and were subsequently interviewed by Eater, three said that onions stuck out as a particularly unpalatable food months after their infection had subsided. One former COVID patient described onions as "horrific" to taste and another described them as "repulsive," while a third said that the scent of onions had become so noxious that they smelled "putrid" and "dangerous."

That's not the only perplexing alteration to your sense of taste or smell you may experience post-COVID, however. According to one person interviewed by the BBC, COVID had made meat products taste like gasoline; and a Newsweek interviewee who'd recovered from COVID said that wine "tastes like oil" post-infection.

While a distorted sense of smell or taste may be an unpleasant lingering COVID symptom, it's far from the only one troubling those recovering from the virus. Read on to discover what researchers from the Indiana University School of Medicine and members of the Survivor Corps group found to be the most common lingering symptoms among COVID long haulers. And for the latest on the spread of the virus, check out Dr. Fauci Just Gave This Scary Update on the New COVID Strain.


Woman experiencing dizziness

COVID long haulers affected: 42 percent

Memory problems

Woman helping man with memory problem at home

COVID long haulers affected: 46 percent

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COVID long haulers affected: 48 percent

Difficulty sleeping

middle aged woman awake in bed at night

COVID long haulers affected: 50 percent

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Shot of a man standing in front of the bathroom mirror looking exhausted, holding his head

COVID long haulers affected: 58 percent

Inability to exercise or be active

tired jogger in protective mask resting after running while standing on the bridge in the morning. Running at sunrise. Sport during quarantine. Covid-19. Protection. Staying active

COVID long haulers affected: 59 percent

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Difficulty concentrating or focusing

Thoughtful anxious business woman looking away thinking solving problem at work, worried serious young chinese woman concerned make difficult decision lost in thought reflecting sit with laptop

COVID long haulers affected: 59 percent

Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing

Woman experiencing labored breath

COVID long haulers affected: 65 percent

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Muscle or body aches

Man feeling joint pain in elbow
RealPeopleGroup / iStock

COVID long haulers affected: 67 percent


Older man looking exhausted

COVID long haulers affected: 100 percent

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