These Are the 9 States Where the COVID Death Rate Is Rising

While coronavirus deaths are down nationwide, numbers are still increasing in some states.

The coronavirus pandemic shows no sign of slowing down in the U.S., and surging case numbers across the country have some experts concerned that we're already in a deadlier second wave of the virus. The only silver lining to the bleak news nationwide is that while the number of cases is rising at a rapid rate, the number of deaths from coronavirus is not rising along with it. There are theories as to why deaths have stayed relatively low—and concerns that there could be a spike in deaths down the line—but for now, it's good news. Nevertheless, deaths are increasing in some places: Based on the numbers for the week ending in July 5, here are nine states where the COVID death rate is rising. And for more on coronavirus mortality, This One Thing Is Most Likely to Dictate Your Chances of Dying From COVID.


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Nevada had 34 deaths last week, which represents a shocking 325 percent rise from the week before, per Reuters. According to the experts at Covid Act Now, Nevada is a "high-risk" state, due to a high infection rate (the number of people the average sick person will infect) of 1.26 and a high positive test rate of 13.1 percent. As of July 8, there are nearly 23,850 coronavirus cases in Nevada, and there have been about 550 deaths. And for more harrowing numbers, This Is How Many More Americans Will Die From COVID in the Next 4 Months.

South Carolina

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South Carolina is one of six states that Covid Act Now labels "critical," thanks to its infection rate (1.20), positive test rate (16.3 percent), insufficient contact tracing, and dwindling ICU beds. According to Reuters, South Carolina's 104 deaths due to COVID last week represent a 65.1 percent rise for the state. There have been around 845 deaths in South Carolina so far, and there are currently over 47,350 cases. And for more states in critical condition, These 6 States Are Now in "Critical" COVID-19 Situations, Experts Say.


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Florida's alarming rise in case numbers and hospitalizations have singled it out as one of the new epicenters of the pandemic in the U.S. And with schools ordered back in session and Disney World reopening, many are worried the situation could get even worse. Per Reuters, there were 314 COVID deaths in Florida last week, which means deaths went up 18.9 percent from the week before. Overall, there have been approximately 3,840 coronavirus deaths in the state, and there are now almost 213,800 cases.


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In Mississippi, Reuters reports 72 deaths for the week ending in July 5—an 18 percent increase. The state has a positive test rate of 15.6 percent and an infection rate of 1.17, which is why Covid Act Now lists it as "high-risk." As of July 8, there are over 32,200 cases in Mississippi, with around 1,160 coronavirus deaths. And if you're wondering which states are on track to contain their outbreaks, Unless You Live Here, Your State Is Handling Coronavirus "Poorly."


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Another one of the new epicenters of the pandemic, Texas' rising numbers mean the state is rapidly running out of hospital beds. The results could be catastrophic, seeing as deaths in the state are already going up: According to Reuters, the additional 244 deaths last week account for a 15.6 percent rise from the week before. Strained ICU capacity is the primary reason why Texas is on Covid Act Now's "critical" list, but the state also has a high infection rate (1.20) and positive test rate (13.3 percent). There have been nearly 2,830 COVID deaths in Texas so far, and there are now more than 220,000 cases.


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Pennsylvania hasn't appeared on many lists of states to keep an eye on, but the effects of its rising case numbers—along with a relatively late face mask mandate—can already be seen. Reuters reports an additional 174 deaths for the week ending in July 5, which means deaths went up by 11.5 percent. Pennsylvania's high infection rate of 1.12 means the virus is spreading quickly, leading Covid Act Now to call it a "high-risk" state. There are already almost 96,000 cases in Pennsylvania, with around 6,835 COVID deaths.


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Another "critical" state, per Covid Act Now, Alabama's high positive test rate (13.7 percent) and high infection rate (1.14) mean coronavirus is spreading fast among its residents. Deaths are also on the rise: According to Reuters, there were 88 deaths last week, a 10 percent increase. As of July 8, there have been more than 1,030 coronavirus deaths in Alabama, and there are almost 45,800 cases. And for insight into the current COVID surge, This Is Why the U.S. Is "Losing the War" With Coronavirus, Doctor Warns.


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With 62 new COVID deaths for the week ending in July 5, Tennessee saw a 6.9 percent rise in deaths. But that's not the only increase Reuters is reporting—Tennessee was also one of two states where new coronavirus cases doubled last week. An infection rate of 1.23 means that number is likely to keep accelerating at an alarming pace. Currently, Tennessee has just under 52,650 coronavirus cases, and there have been almost 660 COVID deaths thus far.


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With Los Angeles emerging as another new epicenter of the pandemic—and hospitals becoming overwhelmed—California has attempted to take drastic measures to slow the spread of coronavirus throughout the state. Whether or not these tactics will be effective remains to be seen, but last week California saw 426 new COVID deaths, representing a 3.9 percent increase, per Reuters. As of July 8, there have been more than 6,560 coronavirus deaths in the state, and there are over 287,750 cases. And for more up-to-date information, sign up for our daily newsletter.

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