COVID Cases in This State Are Up a Staggering 999 Percent Since Reopening

The resurgence of coronavirus cases is hitting more than just the "big" states.

The current resurgence of the coronavirus is hitting a number of states particularly hard, and most headlines have been focused on Florida, Texas, Arizona, and California. But there is another, often overlooked state that has also seen a shocking rise in cases recently: South Carolina. The Palmetto State was one of the first to reopen retail stores in late April. Since then, the average case count has risen from 143 reported daily COVID cases to 1,570 daily cases now, according to The New York Times data. That is a whopping increase of 999 percent, the Times notes, second only to Florida's staggering 1,300 percent increase in cases since it reopened.

While some have argued that the rise in cases is a direct result of increased testing, that doesn't tell the entire story. A great number of medical and public health experts point to the increase in the percentage of positive tests as a more concerning figure.

South Carolina

Since a lockdown was instituted in almost every state in late March, a national rallying cry to "flatten the curve" seemed to inspire most citizens to follow the White House guidelines of sheltering at home, social distancing, and wearing masks. But as time progressed, a number of states reopened their economies and allowed citizens to return to some semblance of normalcy.

It appears now, however, that reopening early, combined with a significant portion of citizens flaunting mask and social distancing guidelines, has led to a resurgence in cases in states like South Carolina.

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In fact, Anthony Fauci, MD, appeared to confirm that idea in a recent interview on The Wall Street Journal podcast, The Journal. "Other states, be mindful of what happens when you open up and throw caution to the wind because it could happen to you," Facui told The Journal on Wednesday. And for more states on watch, check out The 2 States Where Coronavirus Is Spreading Fastest Will Surprise You.




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