5 Surprising Businesses That Will Charge You a Coronavirus Fee

Doing business during a pandemic costs a little extra. Enter the COVID-19 surcharge.

A huge number of people are struggling financially in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. So finding an extra charge on your invoice or bill is not exactly the most welcome sight these days. But seeing as many businesses are only reopening if they follow strict guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)—and incurring extra costs as a result—that expense needs to be defrayed somehow. Enter the COVID-19 surcharge you're sure to see at many types of businesses.

The surcharge is intended to cover the added cost of regular disinfection, additional gloves, and face masks necessary for staffers and customers in order to follow proper guidelines. All of this adds up to a not insignificant figure, and small business owners, themselves desperate for revenue, are doing their best to keep their clientele healthy and recoup the losses incurred by lockdowns. Here are some of the businesses where you can expect to pay a COVID-19 surcharge. And for more ways businesses are changing, check out 10 Things You'll Never See in Malls Again After Coronavirus.


Older Man at the Dentist Getting His Gums Checked, health questions after 40

Nationwide dental practices like Swish Dental have begun charging patients a COVID-19 surcharge of $10 to $20, which they're calling an "infection control fee." The reason is to defray the cost of surgical masks, face shields, gloves, and other PPE that they are going through at a much higher rate due to COVID-19 and the less frequent appointments due to social distancing. And if you want to know why you should be curious about your dentist's office, check out The Surprising Reason You Need to Know If Your Dentist's Office Is Open.


a young hispanic woman hands over a curbside order

The good news? Restaurants are opening around the nation. The less than good news? Issues with the food supply chain, combined with an imbalance of supply and demand, have made the cost of serving food during the pandemic much higher. But because restaurant owners are limited by the number of people they can seat in a given evening due to social distancing—and because there are significantly more costs associated with opening up—you can expect to see a COVID-19 surcharge the next time you dine out. And for more items getting pricier these days, check out These Items Will Be More Expensive After Coronavirus.

Hair salons and barbers

hair salon reopening after covid-19 lockdown with safety precautions

Everyone looking a little shaggy in lockdown was eager to get a trim post-pandemic. But the rather intimate service of getting a haircut requires a whole new level of disinfecting and cleanliness, which, of course, ends up on your final bill via a COVID-19 surcharge. And for more ways your haircut experience is being transformed, check out 7 Things You'll Never See at Your Hair Salon Ever Again.

Nail salons

woman getting a manicure through a shield at a nail salon
Shutterstock/Unai Huizi

Manis and pedis are among the great ways to relax on the weekends. And the individuals who are scrubbing, trimming, and painting your nails? They are putting themselves at considerable risk and in order to be safe, those plexiglass dividers, extra gloves, masks, and all that disinfecting comes at a cost. And for more up-to-date information, sign up for our daily newsletter.

Golf courses

Man playing golf golfing

Yes, even public golf courses have begun tacking on a COVID-19 surcharge, likely due to the lack of business they've experienced in the past three months of the pandemic. Unlike other sports, golf is a relatively safe exercise given the outdoor and individual experience, presuming, of course, everyone on the green social distances. And for more on the fate of professional sports, check out Dr. Fauci Just Dropped a Huge Bombshell on Sports Fans Across the U.S.

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