Courtney Love Says She's Been Sober for the Past 18 Months

Love celebrated her sobriety while accepting the Icon Award at the NME Awards in London on Wednesday.

Punk rock icon Courtney Love revealed she's been sober for the past 18 months at the NME Awards in London on Wednesday. "I'm also 18 months sober today," she said during her off-the-cuff acceptance speech for the Icon Award. "I can't believe that and that's pretty wild. Thank so much, I'm very honored."

The Hole frontwoman and music legend has a well-publicized history with substance abuse. She's previously talked about overcoming her addiction to hard drugs, including cocaine and heroine and prescription drugs like Adderall. Now, it looks like she's kicked all substances to the curb.

Before the ceremony, Love posted on Instagram that she was getting her 18-month chip. "To all the messy ladies in the capital @nmemagazine I'm coming to pick up an award /a soda /go chill and get an 18 month chip at my ladies meeting in W1 coz…. 18 months sober today!" she wrote.

More and more people these days are reexamining their relationships with alcohol, celebrities like Love included. Recently, former pop star Jessica Simpson talked about her struggles with alcohol, revealing that she had been sober since Nov. 2017.

"Giving up the alcohol was easy," Simpson told People. "I was mad at that bottle. At how it allowed me to stay complacent and numb."

Love hasn't said much specifically about her decision to get sober, but she did note on Instagram, "If I can do it, anyone can 🥰💙💝"

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