The Surprising Coronavirus Side Effect No One's Told You About Yet

Those recovering from COVID-19 are dealing with this side effect that you probably didn't expect.

The symptoms of the coronavirus are a well-told story. A dry cough, shortness of breath, and fever are the ones you've heard about time and time again. But what about once you recover from COVID-19? It turns out, there is one side effect that you probably haven't heard as much about: fatigue.

"I tell all of my post-hospital patients you're going to be tired for a month. You're going to be tired for six weeks," Stephen Cleves, MD, an internal medicine specialist at TriHealth, said in an interview with WKRC. "A lot of people go home on oxygen. Plan on using that oxygen for several weeks possibly before you bounce back."

Cleeves noted that the road to recovery when it comes to COVID-19 is "very slow." "It's a bad, bad pneumonia. People who are in the hospital, who have been intubated, are not better in two or three weeks," he said. "People who are sick, not sick enough to end up in the hospital or in the ICU, still have a very slow recovery time. It's probably a little longer than influenza. Probably a little longer than your mild to moderate bacterial pneumonia."

According to Cleeves, it could "take two or three months sometimes before you feel normal."

While the vast majority of the national discussion on the coronavirus has focused, understandably, on the death rate, little attention has been given to the long-term effects of COVID-19 on those who've recovered. And while there is good news that many more are recovering, there will likely be growing health issues for those who overcome the virus, including fatigue. And for more on this, check out 7 Long-Term Health Risks of Coronavirus You Need to Know.

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