7 States Where Coronavirus Numbers Are Surging Right Now

Michigan, Arizona, and Arkansas have seen an alarming increase in COVID-19 cases.

The coronavirus pandemic is far from over. While experts fear a second and even third wave of the virus, numbers continue to rise rapidly in states across the country. In some cases, that reflects expanded testing, which can go a long way toward ultimately slowing COVID-19's spread. But many of these alarming numbers reflect devastating outbreaks that continue to wreak havoc throughout the U.S. Based on the largest week-to-week percentage increases for the week ending in June 7, here are seven states where coronavirus numbers are surging. And for more states to keep an eye on, These Are the States That the CDC Is Most Worried About.

Michigan: 158.1 percent

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Michigan's 158.1 percent increase in coronavirus cases, as reported by Reuters, needs some context. It's true that for the week ending in June 7, the state added 7,016 cases, giving them a total of 64,413, but that comes in part because Michigan opted to add 5,000 probable cases to their numbers on June 5. As of June 9, The New York Times has the state's total at over 64,900 coronavirus cases. The most cases by far are in Wayne County, where Detroit is located, which also has the highest rate of cases per capita. And for more states that are trying to keep things under control, here are 10 States Where You Will Be Fined for Not Social Distancing.

Arizona: 93.3 percent

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With 6,953 new cases, bringing the total up to 26,889, Arizona saw a shocking 93.3 percent rise in their coronavirus numbers, per Reuters. Arizona had the highest percentage increase in cases the previous week, though it was 49.8 percent for the week ending in May 31. According to The New York Times, the state currently has over 27,750 cases. Most are clustered in populous Maricopa County, though the highest per-capita rates are in Apache and Navajo counties, home to Native American reservations.

Arkansas: 63.3 percent

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Reuters reports a 63.3 percent rise in coronavirus cases for Arkansas, which last week saw an additional 2,173 cases, giving the state a total of 9,426. Per The New York Times, Arkansas now has close to 9,750 coronavirus cases, with cases spread out between Pulaski, Washington, and Benton counties. More recent outbreaks in St. Francis and Sevier counties have given those areas high per-capita rates, but Lincoln County has by far the highest number of cases per capita, a staggering 7,192 per 100,000. For comparison, Arkansas' overall rate is 323 cases per 100,000. And for more up-to-date information, sign up for our daily newsletter.

Utah: 61.5 percent

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Utah's 61.5 percent increase for the week ending in June 7 reflects 2,269 new cases for a total of 12,066, Reuters says. As of June 9, The New York Times counts closer to 12,380 cases. About half of those cases are in Salt Lake County, but the highest numbers of cases per capita is in San Juan County, with notable high rates in Wasatch and Summit counties as well.

Massachusetts: 50.8 percent

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It's worth noting that Massachusetts' 50.8 percent rise in coronavirus cases, according to Reuters, is higher than any state's increase for the week ending in May 31. The alarming jump for the week ending in June 7 is due to an additional 6,471 cases, making the total number of coronavirus cases in the state 103,436. That's not far from what The New York Times reports as of June 9: over 103,600 cases. The state has a high number of per-capita cases overall—1,503 per 100,000—but that rate is even higher in Suffolk County, home to Boston, where there are 2,403 cases per 100,000. Overall, there are slightly more cases in neighboring Middlesex County. And for more states trying to stop the spread of coronavirus, these are The 10 States With the Strictest Face Mask Laws.

Florida: 46.8 percent

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With 7,775 new coronavirus cases, giving the state a total of 63,938 cases, Florida saw a 46.8 percent rise, which officials told Reuters was due to an increase in testing. Nevertheless, that number keeps climbing: The New York Times currently reports about 64,900 coronavirus cases in Florida. Most of the cases are in Miami-Dade County, which has more cases than Broward County and Palm Beach County combined. Per capita, the highest rates are in Liberty, Hamilton, and Hendry counties, with Hendry's outbreak the most sustained, as cases are continuing to grow.

New Mexico: 41.9 percent

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New Mexico's 1,176 new coronavirus cases gave them a total of 8,800, according to Reuters, representing a 41.9 percent increase over the past week. As of June 9, The New York Times reports over 9,050 coronavirus cases in the state. Most of the cases are in McKinley County, which also has the highest per-capita rate by far at 3,769 cases per every 100,000. McKinley's numbers and its majority Native American population reinforce the significant impact coronavirus has had on Native American communities. And for states that have seen major improvements, here are All the States That Had No Coronavirus Deaths Last Week.

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