Half of Coke's Drink Brands Are About to Disappear

The soda giant is saying goodbye to 200 drinks, which is nearly half of the number it produces.


If you're a child of the '70s, there's a good chance you've been mourning the loss of Tab, Coke's first diet drink that was launched nearly 60 years ago. In addition to Tab, Coca-Cola recently announced that it will discontinue a handful of brands that the beverage giant deemed outdated and unsuccessful. But on Oct. 22, we learned that apparently, there are quite a few more destined for a similar fate—actually, a lot more. Coca-Cola just issued another statement saying it would be cutting 200 drink brands, about half of its entire product portfolio.

"Plans to streamline the company's beverage lineup were underway well before the coronavirus outbreak, but the pandemic promoted leadership to move faster," the company said in its original statement on Oct. 16. "Ongoing COVID-19 supply chain challenges and shifting shopping behaviors prompted the company to fast-track its plan."

In the new Oct. 22 statement, James Quincey, chairman and CEO of The Coca-Cola Company, said, "The company expects to offer a portfolio of approximately 200 master brands, an approximate 50 percent reduction from the current number, and phase out some products."

According to CNN, Quincey didn't reveal all the brands that are getting the boot during Thursday's call with analysts, but noted that the "hydration" category will likely see more cuts. Currently, that includes Dasani, Smart Water, Powerade, Vitaminwater, Zico, Topo Chico, Aquarius, and I Lohas. However, some more specific news has been made public in the last few weeks.

Here are some of the drink brands Coke is getting rid of. And for more things not long for this world, check out Apple Just Discontinued This Popular Phone.


Tab soda can box

Year the product was first introduced: 1963

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Coca-Cola Life

Coca-Cola Life
dean bertoncelj / Shutterstock.com

Year the product was first introduced: 2013

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Diet Coke Feisty Cherry

Diet Coke Feisty Cherry
Sheila Fitzgerald / Shutterstock.com

Year the product was first introduced: 2018


David Tonelson / Shutterstock.com

Year the product was first introduced: 2004; acquired by The Coca-Cola Company in 2013


Sheila Fitzgerald / Shutterstock.com

Year the product was first introduced: 1980; acquired by The Coca-Cola Company in 2001

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