This Coke Product Is Disappearing From Shelves

It's one of the latest beverages the Coca-Cola Company is discontinuing.

Since 1886, people have trusted Coca-Cola to be a brand that delivers quality drinks they can depend on. But with other massive beverage brands like PepsiCo providing serious competition, Coca-Cola has had to repeatedly reinvent itself over the years with new products. Not all of Coke's new products become fan favorites, however, and the company is no stranger to failed experiments—like New Coke, which was pulled from shelves completely in 2002. Now, cola drinkers will have to say goodbye to another beverage. One Coke product is disappearing from shelves forever, as the company has announced that it is being discontinued. Read on to find out which Coke product you won't be able to find in the near future.

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Coca-Cola is discontinuing Coke Energy in the U.S.

Indianapolis - Circa July 2020: Coca Cola Energy drink cans. Coke entered the Energy Drink market after buying an interest in Monster Beverage Corporation.

Coca-Cola announced on May 14 that they are discontinuing Coke Energy—the company's only energy drink—in North America, per The Wall Street Journal. The drink was introduced to break Coca-Cola into the energy-drink market dominated by Red Bull and Monster. However, the beverage failed to do that. According to Beverage Digest, Coca-Cola Energy only accounted for 0.7 percent of U.S. energy-drink sales by the end of 2020. The product will be discontinued in the U.S. and Canada by the end of 2021, the WSJ reported.

This decision comes less than two years after it was introduced.

Tabor-Czech republic-02.03.2021 lemonade coca cola energy two cans on a wooden background

Coke Energy hasn't exactly been a fixture for the U.S. branch of Coca-Cola, however. According to CNN, the company first introduced the drink in the U.S. in Jan. 2020 with four different varieties: Coke Energy, Coke Energy Zero Sugar, Coke Energy Cherry, and Coke Energy Cherry Zero Sugar. Before coming to the U.S., the energy drink was originally launched internationally—and it will continue to be sold in these international markets, per the WSJ.

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The company says it is focusing on new drinks that are selling well instead.

Temecula, California/United States - 03/16/2020: A view of several cases of AHA sparkling water, on display at a local grocery store.

According to CNN, Coca-Cola is turning its focus to new drinks that are selling well for the company—like AHA and Coca-Cola with Coffee, which were both introduced in the last two years like Coke Energy. AHA is the company's sparkling water brand that was launched in March 2020, and Coca-Cola with Coffee was just introduced in the U.S. on Jan. 25. "An important component to this strategy is the consistent and constant evaluation of what's performing and what's not," the company said in a statement, per CNN.

This isn't the first time the company has taken a product off shelves during the pandemic.

Lopburi​-Thailand,19/03/2020​:Popular Soft Drink Coke - Fanta - Sprite in a bottle showing shelves in the 7-11​stores, Coca-Cola or Coke.Is an carbonated beverage produced by the Coca-Cola Company.

Coke Energy is just the latest example of the company's downsizing. In Oct. 2020, Coca-Cola announced it was removing half of its portfolio of drink brands, which is about 200 brands. According to Business Insider, at that time, the company had already announced it would discontinue drinks like Tab, Zico, and Odwalla, as just a few of the company's brands rack in most of its profits. CEO James Quincy has said that Coca-Cola's revenue is dominated by its biggest brands like Coke, Sprite, and Fanta, while more than half of the company's brands collectively only generate around 2 percent of its revenue.

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