New Research Shows Couples With Clean Homes Have Way More Sex

Get to scrubbin' and there'll be more lovin.'

No one wants to do household chores, per se. And there's really nothing romantic about the scent of Lysol or the sound of a vacuum, right? That all might be true, but, according to a new survey by the home product review website Modern Castle, couples who clean their homes have much more sex.

The website surveyed more than 1,000 Americans and found that married couples with cleaner houses have 39.1 percent more sex than those with dirty ones. According to the survey, couples who keep their abodes in tip-top shape get it on 2.5 times per week, on average, versus 1.5 times for couples whose houses are dirty.

On top of that, couples who divided the cleaning tasks up had 34.5 percent more sex than those who didn't, according to Modern Castle. And while the survey isn't scientific in its approach, Modern Castle's findings do corroborate previous research. A 2016 Cornell study found that couples who divide chores up evenly have more sex than those who don't. The researchers said that these people tend to feel a greater level of fairness and mutual respect than those do in relationships where the women do all the housework.

"Sharing the load is beneficial. Couples who have a more equal division of labor seem to be happier, and that's reflected in various ways, only one of which is sex," Sharon Sassler, co-author of the Cornell study, said in a press release at the time. "It's kind of a no-brainer. Contributing more does make a partner appreciate what the other partner is doing."

The new Modern Castle survey also makes sense in light of a 2018 study that found that being conscientious and thoughtful can be a real boost to your bedroom activity. For more on which kind of people are getting it on more often, check out New Science Proves That Men with This Have Better Sex Lives.

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