Claudia Schiffer on Modeling in the Age of Instagram: "I Would Have Failed!"

"The new generation... They don't have a filter."

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Claudia Schiffer is easily one of the most recognizable names in the world of modeling, and continues to hold the Guinness World Record for the most magazine covers ever. But this supermodel, now 47, recently said that the world that she defined has changed so much, she'd never succeed in it today.

"I'm quite a shy, private person," Schiffer admitted to The New York Post. "The new generation, nowadays, they don't have a filter—they can just share and share anything at any moment, and I find it quite hard to share more than just certain things. So if I had to do that in the '90s, I think I would have failed!"

Of course, in the '90s, she wouldn't have had to, since the iPhone didn't exist. The shift that technology has caused in this cultural landscape is so great that, last year, it caused a so-called "supermodel war" between the statuesque beauties of yesteryear and the filtered cherubs of today.

It all started when Stephanie Seymour told Vanity Fair that while Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid were "beautiful girls," it would be more apt to call them "b*tches of the moment" than supermodels. Then Rebecca Romijn piped in to claim that KenGi were "not true supermodels" because they were catapulted to fame by social media, rather than crawling their way up a steep ladder in stilettos.

Things got so heated that the Queen of Everything, Tyra Banks, herself had to step in to pen an open letter mediating this battle of the beautiful.

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