Woman Cracks Up Over Her Christmas Act of Kindness Gone Awry in Viral Video

Watch Mary Katherine Backstrom recount the kind Christmas gesture that turned into total embarrassment.

The desire to be generous and kind to one's fellow man is one of the reasons Christmas is the most magical time of year. But as mom Mary Katherine Backstrom of Fort Myers, Florida, recently learned, sometimes your desire to get in the holiday spirit can get you into a little bit of trouble. The good news is, she's laughing about it, and so are the nearly 50 million viewers who have watched her recount how her Christmas act of kindness turned into her "most embarrassing moment" in a Facebook Live video.

In the video, which she posted on Friday, Backstrom explains that she was killing time at her local Wawa, a gas station and convenience store, while waiting to pick up her kids from school. She came across an article on Facebook about how people are more generous during the holidays. So, she decided to do her own random act of kindness right then and there by buying a ginger ale for the woman next to her in line. The woman thanked her, they shared in the joy of the holidays, and then Backstrom walked out into the parking lot feeling full of what she called "Christmas magic."

And lo and behold, someone was already paying it forward! Backstrom saw a Good Samaritan cleaning her windshield. Wow! Christmas magic strikes again, she thought.

So she walked up to the man and thanked him, telling him that she "loves Christmas so much" and that this was her "favorite part of humanity." Then she gave him a hug. Nice, right?

There's only one problem: It wasn't her car.

Yep, her car was directly behind his and they had the same one, so she had just profusely expressed gratitude to a man for cleaning his own windshield and hugged him.

At this point in the retelling, Backstrom is crying with laughter at her mistake. "I told him I loved Christmas and humanity and gave him a hug," she says, hysterical. "I'm out here hugging strangers at the gas station because the magic of Christmas is so powerful… He didn't know why I was hugging him. I think he thought I was insane."

After Backstrom posted the video of her "most embarrassing moment" on Friday, it immediately went viral. By Wednesday, it had more than 47 million views and 152,000 shares in under a week.

Viewers said that her laugh was infectious, and that the video really did put them in the Christmas spirit.

"Thank you for sharing this," one Facebook user commented. "I'm cracking up. Humility is so funny."

"This one moment has returned so much laughter and encouragement to my life," Backstrom said in an interview with Upworthy about her now-viral video. "I think the reason it is resonating is that the holidays can be a very hard time for adults, and we forget about the levity of holiday magic, and crave it in these times." We can all cheers our eggnog to that!

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