Christian Serratos Celebrates "The Walking Dead" Season 10 Premiere

Christian Serratos took to Instagram to mark the return of "The Walking Dead" on AMC.

The Walking Dead returned to AMC on Feb. 23 with the second half of Season 10 (AKA Season 10B). The ninth episode of the season, "Squeeze," found the group trying to escape from a cave filled with zombies, and featured an unnerving sex scene that will undoubtedly be what most viewers are talking about. While Christian Serratos, who plays Rosita Espinosa, didn't make an appearance in the Season 10B premiere, she did post about the show's return on Instagram with the caption, "We're back."

By the looks of it, there's a lot in store for Rosita this season. The teaser trailer that dropped last month has a heart-stopping moment where you see a zombie standing over the crib of Rosita's baby, Coco. Plus, she's still grieving the loss of her baby's father, Siddiq (Avi Nash).

The real question, however, is whether or not that shot of Rosita leaning in to kiss Eugene (Josh McDermitt) is real or possibly part of a dream sequence. As far as we know, Rosita is still dating Father Gabriel (Seth Gilliam), and she's previously told a love-struck Eugene that a romance between them was never going to happen. The Rosita/Eugene pairing was a popular plot line in the comic book series on which the show is based, however, so it's not out of the question.

Two weeks ago, AMC even teased the kiss on their official Instagram account, asking viewers what Rosita and Eugene's couple name would be. The overall consensus from fans was that she deserved better.

If Rosita and Eugene do get together, that leads to an even bigger concern: The show spared Rosita the death she had in the comics, but some fans are worried that the romance might foreshadow her ultimate undoing.

It wouldn't exactly be surprising in a show that has characters frequently killed off without warning, but it's especially concerning since Serratos has been confirmed as the lead for the upcoming Netflix series Selena, which might cause some scheduling conflicts.

IMDb does have Serratos listed for the next seven episodes of The Walking Dead, though, so at least fans have that to look forward to.

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