Doing This One Chore Will Turn Your Partner On, Study Says

More than 60 percent of people in a new survey said that their partner doing this puts them in the mood.

Everyone has that little something that turns them on, even though they may not want to admit it. Some people are inexplicably attracted to strong calf muscles, while someone nailing a crossword puzzle might really do it for another person. However, according to a recent survey, the wide majority of us have one surprising turn-on in common. The survey of 500 Americans and 500 Brits, from Superdrug Online Doctor, found that 58 percent of respondents reported they've been turned on by their partner doing chores. To see which chore is considered the sexiest, read on. And to find out what tends to turn a man off, check out Half of Men Say They Would Break Up With a Woman Who Does This.

While watching your partner do chores is sexy across the board, men are a bit more excited by it, with 61 percent of male respondents saying it was a turn-on as compared to 56 percent of women.

What is it that makes watching our loved one scrub the counter so attractive? "It's a combination of feeling appreciated, a sense of teamwork, and partnership," suggests author and psychotherapist Jennifer Hamady.

Additionally, Hamady points out that having someone complete chores could fall into one of the five love languages, which describe the ways people give and receive love. One of them, Hamady points out, is acts of service. That means some people feel most loved when their partner does something for them that they know will brighten their day or make their life easier.

The survey also found that when chores are done together, they can even become a playful aphrodisiac for couples. According to the findings, 49 percent of respondents in relationships said that doing chores with their partner had turned into a sexual encounter. The chore most likely to lead to sex? Unsurprisingly, it's making the bed.

But if you want to know what chore you can do to get your significant other in the mood, read on. And if you want to amp up the heat, do it by Wearing This Color Instantly Makes You More Attractive.

Organizing closet/drawers

Woman organizing the closet hanging up a shirt

15 percent

Doing laundry

Man cleaning laundry machine

27 percent

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Washing a car

Man washing his car outside

30 percent

Doing yard work

Woman collecting leaves doing yard work outside

34 percent

Doing dishes

older white straight couple cleaning kitchen

35 percent

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Making the bed

Couple flirting while making the bed together

40 percent

Being handy around the house

Man building furniture being handy at home

43 percent



48 percent


Senior couple preparing food at kitchen counter. Female is looking at male seasoning meat. They are at home. (Senior couple preparing food at kitchen counter. Female is looking at male seasoning meat. They are at home.

62 percent

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