Armed Chicago Hijackers Politely Ask Victim for His Keys and Hold His Pizza for Him Before Stealing His Car

"Thank you, sir."

"Hold my beer" is an online meme that indicates the poster is about to share something increasingly humorous or absurd. This week, a group of Chicago carjackers outdid it by offering to hold their victim's pizza while he handed over his keys.

The criminals were unfailingly polite, not only maintaining his dinner but calling him "sir" before stealing his car, video shows. Read on to find out what happened. 

What the Video Shows

Fox32 Chicago

According to video posted by Fox32 Chicago, three men dressed in black approached a 36-year-old man last Saturday at about 7:30 p.m. They asked him for his car keys. The thieves hold the pizza the man was carrying as the man locates his keys. After he hands them over, they thank him, calling him "sir."

Robbers Approach

Fox32 Chicago

The video shows four men getting out of a dark-colored SUV on West 29th Street in Chicago. Across the street, a man is walking by carrying a pizza box. Two of the robbers approached the 36-year-old man, displaying handguns, while a third, carrying a rifle, runs across the street. A fourth man stands by the car. "Whoa!" the car owner exclaims.

"Thank You, Sir"

Fox32 Chicago

"You got keys?" one carjacker tells the man. When the victim confirms he does, the carjacker holds the victim's pizza so he can retrieve the keys from his pocket. Once he turns them over, another carjacker asks, "You good?" while returning the man's pizza. "I'm good," the victim says. "All right, thank you," one carjacker says. Another adds, "Thank you, sir." "You betcha," the victim replies.

Another Carjacking Turns Harrowing

NBC Chicago

Carjackings are not uncommon in Chicago, which has seen an increase in crime year over year. But one carjacking turned out positively for a mother and daughter who had been carjacked at a dog park in the West Loop earlier this month.

Neighbors stepped up in support, NBC Chicago reported. "The power of social media and just people actually genuinely caring has made the healing process or the start of the healing process a lot easier," said Lindsey Muslin, who was carjacked at gunpoint.

"I Just Bolted Out of the Car"


Muslin said she was accosted at 4:30 in the afternoon while she was with her young daughter. "The gun was about a foot from me. He was standing in my open door because I was sitting in the car," said Muslin.

"I just immediately put my head down and my hands up and just told him repeatedly I have a baby, I have a baby, I have a baby and I just bolted out of the car and pulled the back door open and was lucky enough to be able to grab her out of the car." Muslin's neighbors have helped out with donations.

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