Cher Just Revealed Her "Nerdy" Fitness Obsession and It's Amazing

Just... Dance!

Cher is 72 years-old, and she definitely belongs on our list of Over-65 Leading Ladies Who Look Amazing. The legendary music is being honored in a ceremony at the Kennedy Center in just a few months, and when you look at photos of her, she literally looks like she's turning back time.

Speaking to Extra recently, the pop icon revealed the fitness regime that keeps her so young.

While she does two or three minutes of planking per day and works out on a power plate, the real key to her fabulous appearance is Zumba.

"It's kinda nerdy, but I love it," she said.

Anyone who's ever done Zumba can understand why Cher would describe it as "nerdy," as it feels a bit dorky to burn calories by gyrating in a group setting to Latin and African beats. But it's actually one of the most fun ways to do cardio, and some estimate that, depending on how intense you are about it, it's possible to burn 350-650 calories per hour-long class.

And Cher isn't the only celebrity who credits her ageless physique to dancing.

Recently, a video of 60-year-old Madonna doing her iconic "Vogue" dance at a hospital in Malawi went viral, and proved that she's still very much got the moves. And in a recent, in-depth profile, 58-year-old Allison Janney admitted that her "favorite way to work out is just to dance."

For what it's worth, several studies have confirmed that dancing has significant physical and psychological benefits for older adults, boosting cardiovascular health, improving balance and coordination, working out muscles and joints, and even offsetting some effects of aging in the brain.

Plus, the endorphin rush makes it a real mood-enhancer, and if there's anything we've learned from Jane Fonda, it's that the secret to looking young is feeling young. So feel free to go and dance the afternoon (or night) away. And for more great celebrity tips on looking and feeling younger than ever, check out Jane Seymour's Ageless Beauty Secrets.

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